I resume my weekly reviews of TrumpLand with Alexis Conran and former MP Nick de Bois, beginning with the separations and detentions of immigrant children and continuing with the tale of Melania Trump’s “I DON’T CARE. DO U?” jacket.

The 20-minute conversation begins by taking apart the myths — some might justly say lies — of Trump and his advisors to set the record straight and to explain the strategy of using children as hostages for their anti-immigration approach.

After a discussion of how the Trump camp is shouting “phony news” to cover their tracks, we explain — as best as anyone can at this point — why Melania wore *that* jacket.

Then it’s onto the Trump approach of trade wars with China and with US allies — “The strategy is the same as with detaining children — they think they can win elections with this, and they don’t care what the cost is” — and the prospect of Trump also snubbing NATO allies with a summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Listen from 3:54 in 1700-1730 Segment