PHOTO: Pro-Assad forces in the recaptured al-Safa district in eastern Aleppo city

Journalist and Chatham House fellow Haid Haid, who wrote about the death of his brother last week, joins Monocle 24’s The Globalist to talk about the situation in Syria’s largest city.

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Listen from 3:20:

This is not the first [attack by] Assad and the forces supporting him — who are not Syrian but are militias backed by Iran and by the Russians, who are also providing the airplanes and other weapons. The problem is the indiscriminate attacks against civilians. They are targeting hospitals. They are hitting schools. They are using every type of lethal weapons, including chemical attacks.

All these violations have been committed in Syria for years now. The problem still is that the international community is looking and saying, “There is nothing that we can do.”

That is what hurts us the most: humanity has lost its sympathy towards what is happening in Syria.