PHOTO: UK Prime Minister Theresa May, “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere”

Earlier this month, I used the Numbers of the Week segment on our Political WorldView podcast to offer a very personal reaction to the UK Conservative Party’s rhetoric about foreigners living and working in Britain.

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Having lived in the UK since 1984, I spoke about the feeling of loss and frustration in a country in which I have gained so much, but in which — at least for some political leaders — I and many others may not be welcome.

A reader has now kindly put the audio on YouTube:

I have lived here for 32 years. Studied, worked, bought a house, paid it off, raised two kids with very English accents, have an English wife who puts up with me.

And now I am being told — at least by many at the Conservative Party conference, including the Prime Minister — that I am a second-class resident.