PHOTO: Smoke rises from a bomb near Tartous in western Syria on Monday

UPDATE 1545 GMT: The Islamic State has claimed the bombings in a statement by its Amaq News Agency.

UPDATE 0930 GMT: State news agency SANA says the death toll from this morning’s multiple bombings is now 40, with 60 injured.

The double bombing near Tartous in western Syria has killed 30 people and wounded 45, according to a hospital director.

Five people were killed and two injured by an explosives-packed motorcycle north of Hasakah city in northeast Syria.

In Homs, four people — including at least two soldiers — were slain and 10 injured by a car bomb.

One person died and three were injured in the bombing in al-Sabourah, west of Damascus.

Footage of the damage in Homs:

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Syria’s State media is reporting five bombings in four cities and towns on Monday morning.

A double bombing was reported at a bridge near Tartous in Latakia Province in western Syria.

In May, 184 people were killed and more than 200 injured in bombings in Tartous — considered an essential base of support for the Assad regime — and nearby Jableh. No group ever claimed responsibility.

Two soldiers were reportedly killed and seven wounded by a car bomb at a checkpoint at the entrance of the al-Zahraa district in Homs city.

Explosions were also reported at al-Saburah, west of Damascus, and at a roundabout in Hasakah city — where there was fighting between Kurdish and regime forces last month — in northeastern Syria.