PHOTO: Rebels preparing for the launch of Sunday’s offensive near Aleppo

Syria’s rebels have taken territory in a sudden, widespread offensive to break the regime siege of Aleppo city.

Defying the Russian airstrikes that have been essential to pro-Assad forces, the rebels launched ground operations on Sunday across a 20-km (12.5-mile) front, with attacks both to the north of Aleppo — where the Syrian military and its allies have cut the last route into opposition-held areas of Syria’s largest city — and to the south.

See Syria Daily, August 1: Rebel Gains in Offensive to Break Siege of Aleppo

The preparation of the offensive:

Launch of operations:

Footage of the fighting:

The storming of the al-Hikmah school:

A demonstration in the Mash’had district of Aleppo city welcoming the offensive:

Burning of tires to deter airstrikes:


Meanwhile, pro-Russian ANNA News is insisting that the offensive has failed: