LATEST: Video — State Media Says Regime Forces Repelling Islamic State’s Attacks on Tabqa Airbase

Opposition activists and the Free Syrian Army launched their campaign “#SaveAleppo” on Friday night.

The campaign seeks to highlight the ongoing death and devastation in Aleppo through details on the regime’s bombing campaign over the last three months.

It also has a motive looking forward. Short of weapons and ammunition and facing encirclement by Syrian forces, insurgents are concerned that they may not be able to hold onto the eastern part of Syria’s largest city after holding areas for more than two years.

Video and images from the campaign, via the Free Syrian Army’s spokesman for northern Syria, Hussam al-Marie:

Video: State Media — Regime Forces Repelling Islamic State’s Attacks on Tabqa Airbase

State media proclaims that Syrian forces are withstanding the Islamic State’s assaults on Tabqa Airbase, the last major regime position in Raqqa Province in northern Syria:

The jihadists launched their offensive earlier this weeks after overunning other regime bases this summer.

Regime Media: “Islamic State Murdered Two Civilians in Full Sight of Locals”

State news agency SANA says nothing this morning of the ongoing assault of the Islamic State on the regime’s last military base, Tabqa, in Raqqa Province in northern Syria.

However, it condemns the jihadists with a brief item from eastern Syria:

Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization on Friday murdered two civilians in the town of al-Shumaitiye in Deir Ez Zor countryside in full sight of locals.

A number of locals told SANA’s correspondent that ISIS members opened fire on locals in the town square, broke into homes, and abducted a number of youths.