LATEST: Video — Insurgents Push Islamic State Out of Masraba in East Ghouta


Insurgents continued to advance in northwest Syria on Wednesday, while renewing their offensive and putting pressure on regime forces in the southwest.

Sources and videos confirmed that the opposition overran more checkpoints near the regime’s two major bases, al-Hamidiya and Wadi ad-Deif, in Idlib Province in northwestern Syria.

Insurgents attack with TOW anti-tank missiles near the al-Hamidiya base:

Insurgents inside the ad-Dahman checkpoint:

Fighters also overran the al-Tarraf checkpoint. Both al-Tarraf and ad-Dahman are south of Maarat al-Numan.

Insurgents are seeking to isolate the two bases and to clear Syrian forces from the highway from Hama Province to Maarat al-Numan.

In the southwest, insurgents renewed their advance in Quneitra Province, near the Golan Heights and the demilitarized zone with Israel. They are pressing the last concentration of regime forces in Quneitra, the Brigade 90 base (see map).

Insurgents control most of the territory between Quneitra and Daraa in southern Syria, and success in their latet operations would isolate Syrian forces in Daraa Province.

Video: Insurgents Push Islamic State Out of Masraba in East Ghouta

Insurgents have retaken the town of Masraba, in East Ghouta near Damascus, from the Islamic State:

The Islamic State had hoped to hold the town to gain a foothold in East Ghouta, much of which is occupied by insurgents.

More Than 50 Civilian Deaths for 1st Day in Week

After a week of relatively low civilian casualties, deaths spiked on Thursday.

The Local Coordination Committees reported 77 fatalities, including 20 in Idlib Province, 17 in Daraa Province, 16 in Aleppo Province, and 14 in Damascus and its suburbs.