PHOTO: Syrian family in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

LATEST: Opposition: Dozens Killed by Regime Bombing of Aleppo on Sunday


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At least one Syrian refugee was reportedly killed on Saturday in the Zaatari camp in Jordan after security forces clashed with hundreds of displaced people.

Dozens were injured as anti-riot police used tear gas to disperse refugees who threw stones and set fire to offices and caravans.

Jordan’s Public Security Directorate denied the report that a Syrian woman was killed.

“Dozens of Syrian refugees at the Zaatari refugee camp rioted after police detained a group of refugees after leaving the camp illegally,” the Directorate said. “Twenty-two policemen were injured in the clashes. The rioters burned six tents and two caravans and tried to attack police stations.”

Residents say the rioting started when a 4-year-old refugee was knocked over by a Jordanian security car.

The camp has almost 70,000 of Syria’s 2.5 million refugees, more than 10% of the pre-war population.

Jordan now has at least 600,000 refugees, with more than 1 million in Lebanon and hundreds of thousands in Turkey.

Opposition: Dozens Killed by Regime Bombing of Aleppo on Sunday

Activists says dozens of people have been killed by regime bombing of insurgent-held areas of Aleppo on Sunday:

Rescue teams look for survivors in the rubble in the al-Shaar neighborhood:

The aftermath:

The moment of the airstrike:

The opposition Syrian National Coalition has called for a United Nations response:

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Insurgents Claim They Repulse Regime Attack Near Quneitra

Insurgents claim they have repulsed an assault by the Syrian military near Quneitra, close to the demilitarized zone with Israel.

Footage from the faction Ahrar al-Sham (Warning — Graphic Images):

The opposition has made a series of gains in the area since the start of the year.

Video: Syrian Military Promotes Its Attacks on Jobar in Damascus

Regime video promoting the assault on insurgent-held areas of Jobar on the northeastern edge of Damascus:

Heavy fighting between the two sides has taken place for weeks in the area.

Video: Aftermath of Regime Barrel Bomb in Aleppo

Videos: Insurgents Evacuate Civilians from Kessab in Latakia Offensive

Insurgents continue to refute claims that they abused civilians as they took over Kessab, near the Turkish border, at the start of the offensive in Latakia Province in western Syria two weeks ago.

The Syrian regime has accused opposition fighters of crimes against the population, which is largely Armenian Christians, and the desecration of churches.

Videos of insurgents evacuating residents of Kessab:

Regime Continues Bombing of Daraa Province

Regime airstrikes continue on Tariq Al-Sad in Daraa Province in southern Syria:

The Syrian military has been using aerial attacks to check insurgent advances in the area.

123 Killed Across Syria on Saturday

The Local Coordination Committees report that 123 people were killed on Saturday across Syria, including 8 women and 13 children.

Of the deaths, 34 were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, 33 in Aleppo Province, 19 in Idlib Province, 16 in Daraa Province, and 10 in Deir Ez Zor.

The number is the highest daily toll reported by the LCC in weeks.

Insurgents Trying to Cut Highways in Northwest Syria

Video of insurgents on the Maarat al-Nu’man to Hama highway in northway Syria:

Opposition fighters have been trying to cut regime movement in the region. On Friday, they took the town of Babolin, near the main road link between Damascus and Aleppo.

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Al Qa’eda Head Zawahiri Denounces Attacks by Islamic State of Iraq

Al Qa’eda head Ayman al-Zawahiri has reportedly denounced attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham on Syrian insurgents.

In recorded remarks attributed to him on a jihadist website, al-Zawahiri said, “All Muslims should not help those who blow up the headquarters of the holy fighters or those who send them car bombs and human bombs, and to stop supporting it in any way.”

ISIS has been battling insurgents across northern and eastern Syria since early January.

In February, the Iraqi-led group killed al-Zawahiri’s envoy Abu Khaled al-Suri when it attacked an Aleppo headquarters. Al-Suri had been trying for nine months to broker a dispute between ISIS and the Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra, which al-Zawahiri has recognized as the force fighting for the Syrian people.

ISIS, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, later broke from Al Qa’eda.