Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have again shut down the Damascus suburb of Moadamiyya, demanding that Free Syrian Army fighters hand over weapons, according to activists.

Activists also say that the amount of food and supplies the regime has allowed into the town has been insufficient.

This video from February 27 shows the only entrance to the town is closed:

Local citizen journalist Qusai Zakarya, who has managed to leave Syria, told Syria Direct that the regime renewed the siege.

In the last three days, the regime has shut down the town again. They’ve stopped allowing people and food to enter because they want the FSA to hand over some or most of their weapons. I’m talking also about the light weapons. There has been some shelling, some attempts by some of their troops to sneak into the town. The situation is not stable and the truce might collapse at any second.

They allowed some of the workers and students to go out of the town. But there is a lot of tension in the air.

Recent video showing students leaving the town:

Photographs taken by activists inside Moadamiyya show the extent of devastation the town has suffered during its 15 months of siege, during which time residents survived by eating grass and leaves from olive trees.

This photograph was taken by the town’s Local Coordination Committee:


These images are taken by Lens Young Moadamani: