I spoke with a series of BBC Radio outlets on Friday about the possibility of US-led airstrikes in Syria over the weekend. The interview with Radio 5 was conducted last night, after the speech by US Secretary of State John Kerry. The other two interviews were before the statement and the release of declassified US intelligence.

BBC Radio 5 (with Robert Fox of the Evening Standard): Listen from 50:27

BBC West Midlands: Listen from 1:06:17

BBC Hereford and Worcestershire: Listen from 1:32:35

Take-away points:

1. There has been an ongoing, serious division within the Obama Administration over military intervention, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff leading opposition — has this been resolved?

2. “America will act, but whether they will act before or after the UN Security Council meeting on the inspectors’ report is the interesting question.”

3. The even bigger issue is whether the US and allies will now make the longer-term commitment to backing the insurgency — including arms supplies and liaison over operations — in the attempt to topple the Assad regime.