LATEST: Egypt — Death Toll Rises to 235

Egypt 2035 GMT — Death Toll Rises to 235

The official spokesman for the Health Ministry has said 235 people were killed today in Egypt.

Of the deaths, 61 were in Rabaa El-Adewaya Square, 21 in Nahda Square, and 18 in Helwan.

The total includes the 43 police officers who were slain, according to the Interior Ministry.

Egypt 2030 GMT — Senior Police Officer Killed by Pro-Morsi Crowd

A graphic photograph has been posted of the body of a high-ranking police officer killed by pro-Morsi protesters, probably in Kerdasa in Giza Governorate.

Egypt’s Minister of Interior has claimed that 43 police officers were killed today. He said that seven churches were attacked.

Egypt 1847 GMT — Interim PM “This State of Mayhem Had to End”

Interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi has justified today’s raids by security forces on pro-Morsi sit-ins, saying that investors have to be reassured of the long-term stability of Egypt: “We cannot restore our economy in the absence of security….We need to restore our economy to provide incentives, potentials, and resources to move forward. We wish to build a civil state.

El-Beblawi said, “There is no respectable country in the world that would declare a state of emergency except when absolutely necessary.” He promised it would be imposed for the shortest time possible.

He commended security forces for acting with the “highest level of self-restraint”.

Saying that he wants a State which is neither military nor religious, El Beblawi declared, “I feel the bloodshed today from all sides is a source of grief and sorrow. I hope we listen to the voice of reason.”

Egypt 1830 GMT — Officials Name Arrested Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

Egyptian officials have named the “several senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood” arrested earlier today during the police raid on pro-Morsi sit-ins.

Among those seized were Mohammed el-Beltagy — whose daughter died in the assault — Essam el-Erian, and cleric Safwat Hegazy.

All are accused of inciting violence and conspiring to kill anti-Morsi protesters.

Bahrain Picture: Protest in Manama Tonight

Protests on the 2 1/2-year anniversary of the mass demonstrations in Bahrain for political rights and reforms continue tonight, including this march in the capital Manama:

Earlier, a protester waves a Bahraini flag amid a cloud of tear gas:

Egypt Claimed Video: Ransacking of Police Station in Beni Suef in Northeast

Photo: In Cairo, Woman Tries To Stop Bulldozer Approaching Injured Man

Egypt 1603 GMT: VP ElBaradei Resigns

Mohamed ElBaradei, the interim Vice President for International Affairs, has resigned.

ElBaradei, a Nobel Prize laureate and leader of the National Salvation Front, was a prominent supporter of the coup of July 3.

ElBaradei said in a statement:

It’s become increasingly hard for me to bear the responsibility of actions I do not agree with, decisions with consequences I fear and I cannot be responsible for a single drop of blood that will be shed. The only ones who benefit from today’s events are the terrorists and the anarchists and the extremists, and you will do well to remember what I said.

Egypt 1559 GMT: Official Death Toll Rises to 149

The Egyptian Health Ministry has raised today’s toll from clashes and shootings by security forces to 149 dead.

Bahrain: Regime Restricts Protests with Barbed Wire, Internet Restrictions, Arrests

Planned protests by the opposition and activists in Bahrain have been limited to small gatherings, “human chains” in villages, and sit-ins outside people’s houses.

There have been a handful of arrests, and authorities cut off communications such as smart phone applications.

The main opposition society Al Wefaq claimed that there were 60 protests in 40 locations, followed by the sit-ins.

The opposition had hoped to mobilise large rallies to mark the 2 1/2-year anniversary of the mass protests for political reforms and justice.

Egypt 1523 GMT: Picture — Police Vehicle Toppling from 6 October Bridge

Claimed image of a police vehicle, allegedly pushed over by protesters, toppling off the 6 October Bridge in the Nasr City suburb of Cairo near dispersed pro-Morsi sit-in:

Video of the fallen vehicle amid clashes under the bridge, which is distinct from the 6 October Bridge near Tahrir Square in Central Cairo:

Egypt 1510 GMT: Cabinet Declares Curfew

The cabinet has declared a curfew from 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. in Cairo and 10 Governorates, remaining in effect for the next month.

Egypt 1500 GMT: Front-Line of Cairo Clashes — “Gunfire & Tear Gas” as Morsi Supporters March on 6 October Bridge

Ahram Online reports crowds of pro-Morsi protesters are marching on the 6 October Bridge –– blocked by armoured police vehicles — trying to get to the main Rabaa El-Adewaya sit-in.

Scuffles are ongoing in Al-Haram Street in Giza, near the former sit-in at Nahda Square, as protesters move to set up a stage and sit-in at Nasr Al-Din Street. Police fired teargas to disperse the crowds.

Ahram Arabic reports that police prevented an attempt to break into the nearby Al-Talebeya police station.

Egypt 1430 GMT: Egyptian Health Ministry Puts Casualty Toll at 95 Dead,874 Injured

Egypt’s Health Ministry has raised the death toll from Wednesday’s violence to 95 deaths and 874 injuries nationwide, ministry spokesman Mohamed Fathallah announced.

The Interior ministry announced it has arrested 543 people in Cairo and in several governorates, claiming that those detained had “automatic weapons, birdshot, and ammunition.”

Egypt 1427 GMT: Month-Long State of Emergency Declared

Egypt’s interim President, Adly Mansour has declared a month-long state of emergency in Egypt, commencing at 4 p.m. Cairo time. In a Presidential announcement on State TV, Mansour said that he had “tasked the armed forces, in cooperation with the police, to take all necessary measures to maintain security and order and to protect public and private property and the lives of citizens.”

A state of emergency gives the police greater powers to arrest and detain people without a court order. A state of emergency was in place in Egypt from 1967 to 2012.

Egypt 1351 GMT: Two Reporters Killed In Cairo, Others Detained and Beaten

Two reporters have been killed in Cairo as they covered the violence.

Sky News cameraman Mick Deane has been shot dead in Rabaa Square.

Deane was part of Sky News’ team covering the clashes with Middle East correspondent Sam Kelley. None of the other members of the team were hurt, the broadcaster said.

Sky News writes:

Mick had worked for Sky for 15 years, based in Washington and then Jerusalem.

He was part of our team covering the violence in Cairo. The rest of the team are unhurt.

The Head of Sky News John Ryley described Mick as the very best of cameramen, a brilliant journalist and an inspiring mentor to many at Sky.

Sky’s foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall called Mick “a friend, brave as a lion but what a heart… what a human being”.

He added: “Micky was humorous in a dry way, he was wise and when you’re on the road with small teams, people like that are diamonds to be with.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz, a 26-year-old staff reporter from the XPRESS news outlet, part of Gulf News, was also shot dead in Rabaa Square

Gulf News reported that Elaziz, an Egyptian, was not in the square on official assignment and was on annual leave. She joined Gulf News on September 11, 2011, interning as a community journalist for the Readers Desk.

Mike Giglio of the Daily Beast has written of his beating and detention by security forces, who seized his laptop:

The man I took to be the one in charge—a stout older guy in a black beret — stepped in and demanded the password. I apologized again and declined. So he slapped me hard. Asked for the password again, I declined again, and so he slapped me again. At one point there were several cops punching and slapping me in the head, so I relented and typed in the password. They took a special interest in the file labeled Sisi, with basic reporting on the head of the armed forces, Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. Then they took the laptop away.

Soon after, an angry cop walked up and punched me in the jaw. Eventually another cop grabbed me by the shirt and started perp-walking me over to a waiting blue paddy wagon. He was proudly announcing to the crowd of cops that I was an American, and a couple of times he jabbed me in the face with the hand holding my shirt as he said that.

They put on the zip-tie plastic handcuffs extra tight, and then it was up into the vehicle, where there were a bunch of arrested demonstrators. I saw the cops beat a few of them; one guy was badly stomped and lay on the ground moaning for a while. Eventually, when the count inside the wagon reached about 35, they took off.

Egypt 1227 GMT: More Killing in Rabaa El-Adewaya Square

Egypt 1224 GMT: Daughter of Senior Muslim Brotherhood Figure Among Dead

One of this morning’s pro-Morsi victims is the daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed El Beltagy, who was in Rabba El-Adewaya Square at the time:

Egypt 1211 GMT: Picture of The Dead “In 1 of 3 Rooms” — “Now Out of Space”

Egypt 1210 GMT: Clashes in Rabaa Square Escalate “A Bullet Passed Over My Shoulder”

Photojournalist Mosa’ab Elshamy posted this image an hour ago and followed with a personal account of danger:

Egypt 1140 GMT: Graphic Images of Victims

An extemely graphic video of bodies of protesters, some charred beyond recognition, has been posted.

The Egypt Independent writes:

Egypt 1040 GMT: Interim Government Praises Interior Ministry for Breaking Up Protests

In a statement on State TV, the interim Government has praised the Interior Ministry for this morning’s operations against the pro-Morsi sit-ins, while expressing sympathy for victims.

The Government warned against armed “escalation”, says it will firmly pursue perpetrators of violence. It called on supporters of deposed President Morsi to “listen to reason”.

Egypt 1035 GMT: Protesters Gather at Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Cairo, At Least 2 With Weapons

Joel Gulhane of Daily News Egypt:

Egypt 1025 GMT: Video of Operation to Clear Out Nahda Square

Egypt 1010 GMT: Picture of the Dead in Rabaa Field Hospital

Journalist Alastair Beach:

Egypt 0950 GMT: Protests Spread Outside Cairo

Protesters have gathered in several Egyptian cities, following the killing of pro-Morsi protesters by security forces this morning.

Marches are under way in Alexandria, and hundreds of protesters blocked a main road in Upper Egypt’s Assiut.

Demonstrators have gathered in Aswan outside governorate offices, throwing stones. State media claims police vehicles have been burned in Minya.

Reports are also circulating of the burning of Christian churches in four locations, including Sohag and Minya Governorate.

Egypt 0850 GMT: Pro-Morsi Protesters Try to Rally After Attacks

Egypt 0847 GMT: At Least 45 Protesters Killed

AFP, which has a reporter on the scene in Cairo, is reporting at least 45 people killed this morning when security forces dispersed sit-ins for deposed President Morsi.

Egypt: Interior Ministry — Several Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested

Interior ministry spokesman Abdel Fattah Uthman has told Egyptian TV, “We arrested a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, but it is too soon to announce their names.”

Senior Brotherhood figures, including Deputy Supreme Leader Khairat El-Shater, are already in detention, having been arrested in the days after the July 3 coup.

Egypt: Activist From Rabaa Square “They Are Shooting at the Stage”

Activist Mohamed Soltan is claiming to be tweeting from Rabaa El-Adewaya Square:

Bahrain: Images of Today’s Protests

The Bahraini opposition is seeking a large turn-out for protests on Wednesday, the 2 1/2-year anniversary of the start of mass demonstrations for political reform and justice in the Kingdom:

Egypt Video: Sounds of Gunfire in Rabaa El-Adewaya Square This Morning

Egypt: Official — 6 Protesters Killed, 26 Injured

An official from Egypt’s emergency services is the first to confirm that protesters have been killed in the dispersal of pro-Morsi sit-ins: he says that 6 have died and 26 have been injured.

Egypt: Transportation Ministry Orders Halt to Cairo-Bound Trains as Violence Continues

The Transportation Ministry has stopped all trains going to Cairo — the Chairman of the Egyptian Railway Authority said the halt was “to prevent any sabotage by pro-Morsi protesters”.

Meanwhile, the security forces are still firing in Rabaa El-Adewaya Square, according to journalist Abigail Hauslohner:

Journalist Alastair Beach:

Egypt: Nahda Square Cleared, But Confusion and Unknown Number of Casualties at Rabaa Square

Journalist Tom Finn:

Journalist Jon Williams:

Egypt: Journalist — “We Got Shot At”

Bel Trew confirms that she and other journalists were fired upon by security forces:

Egypt: Security Forces Try to Black Out Media During Break-Up of Protests

Following the ejection of Egyptian TV channels from the scene of today’s dispersals and violence, security forces are trying to keep foreign media from recording events — Tom Finn of Reuters:

Meanwhile, security forces are claiming that it is the pro-Morsi protesters who are armed and violent:

Egypt: “Guy Was Just Shot 10 Metres Away From Me”

AFP reporter Samer al-Atrush, at Rabaa El-Adewaya Square, tweets concisely about the violence:

Egypt Picture: What Is Left in Nahda Square After Break-Up of Sit-In

Egypt Pictures: Pro-Morsi Protesters Regroup Amid Smoke and Fire

As the Ministry of Interior declares the break-up of the Nadha Square sit-in is complete, supporters of President Morsi regroup:

Meanwhile, in Rabaa El-Adewaya Square, protesters plead to the military:

Egypt: Security Forces Confiscate Media Cameras As Sit-Ins Dispersed

Egypt’s Al-Nahar and ONTV satellite channels have said their cameras were confiscated by police forces while they were trying to cover the dispersal of the pro-Morsi sit-in at Rabaa El-Adewaya Square.

At Least 15 Protesters Killed as Security Forces Move On Pro-Morsi Sit-Ins

At least 15 people have been killed as Egyptian security forces dispersed Cairo sit-ins for deposed President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday morning.

After surrounding the gatherings in Rabaa El-Adewaya and Nahda Squares, police fired tear gas at protesters.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which backs Morsi and the protests, said snipers of fired at people in Rabaa from the rooftop of surrounding buildings. Its spokesman said at least 30 demonstrators had been slain.

The Ministry of interior claimed that a street near each protest had been left open for the safe exist of protesters.

A “security source” told State outelt Ahram Online that dozens of protesters were injured and some killed, although he could not give a number. He also confirmed that some protesters were killed but the number of victims was not immediately known.

State TV said two policemen were killed and six wounded.

Government sources had said Monday that plans to disperse the sit-ins — held since late June, days before Morsi was overthrown by the military — had been postponed because of fear of bloodshed.

The military and interim Government have been warning for the last week that security forces would break up the protests.