Photo: Government forces move through Qusayr, captured by the Syrian military last Wednesday

The opposition Syrian National Coalition has reiterated its refusal to participate in a proposed international conference.

“What is happening in Syria today completely closes the doors on any discussions about international conferences and political initiatives,” George Sabra, Coalition, told a press conference in Istanbul. “The war declared by the regime and its allies in the region has reached a level we cannot ignore.”

Last week, regime force and Hezbollah allies captured the town of Qusayr, near the Lebanese border, after a three-week siege and then re-claimed nearby villages.

Sabra said just before those developments that the opposition would not attend a peace conference while Iranian elements and Hezbollah were supporting Syrian troops on the ground.

Before that, the Coalition had set the departure of President Assad as a pre-condition for any talks about a political resolution and transitional government.

Photo: Pro-Hezbollah Demonstrators Attack Bus In Beirut

Following our earlier report about clashes on Sunday near the Iranian embassy in Bir Hassan, southern Beirut over the roles of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria image from an incident, the image below show pro-Hezbollah demonstrators attacking a bus carrying anti-Hezbollah demonstrators in front of the embassy.

Insurgents Kill Iraqi Border Guard

Iraqi officials say that Syrian insurgents on Sunday opened fire on two Iraqi border posts, killing one guard and wounding two others.

Colonel Nayif Zaili said Syrian rebels fired on two posts which lay two kilometres from the Al-Waleed border crossing.

The Syrian side of the crossing remains under the control of the regime, despite attempts by insurgents to seize it for several months.

State TV: Documents Show Qatar Asked Insurgents to Defend Qusayr to Protect Israel

1 Dead Amid Anti-Hezbollah Protests in Beirut

An unarmed Lebanese man has been killed after groups clashed in southern Beirut following a protest over the roles of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.

The incident happened at about lunchtime near the Iranian embassy in Bir Hassan, where demonstrators had gathered to challenge the Iranian and Hezbollah support of the Assad regime.

Five others are said to have been injured in the shooting. It was not clear who started the gunfire; however, a journalist for Beirut’s Daily Star on the scene reported “men in black shirts with yellow ribbons around their arms” — indicating they were from Hezbollah shoving protesters away from the site as they exited buses. The protesters had little time to raise their banners before they were beaten up with sticks.

The men in black shirts then opened fire in the air to disperse the demonstrators.

Al Jazeera reported that the protesters against Iran and Hezbollah belong to the party of Ahmad Asaad’s party, a Shia politician who is anti-Hezbollah and belongs to the March 14 Movement.

The Lebanese army is now reported to be in control of the area around the embassy, with barricades set up on the road.


The Local Coordination Committees claim that 33 people have been killed today, including 20 in Damascus and its suburbs.


The Violations Documentation Center reports that 63,071 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict since March 2011, an increase of 98 from Saturday. Of the deaths, 48,690 were civilians, a rise of 60 from yesterday.

Aid to Civilians Amid Kurdish-Insurgent Tension in North

Claimed photograph of aid to residents in Efrin, where Kurdish militia and insurgents, including of the Free Syrian Army, have been clashing for weeks: