Iran Video Special: Saturday’s Protests Across the Country

A cartoon for protests across Iran shows the Supreme Leader closing his ears to demands for action, as he thinks of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine:

A selection of verified videos from Iran on Saturday, the third day of protests of thousands of people across the country:

Protesters in Zanjan in northwest Iran take down a billboard with the portrait of the Supreme Leader:

Zanjan tonight:

Demonstrators in Arak in western Iran take down the sign of the paramilitary Basij:

Arak earlier today:

In front of Tehran University — “The students would rather die than bow to power”:

Izeh in western Iran — “Death to Khamenei”:

Kerman in central Iran — “The people are living like beggars, the Leader is behaving like God”:

Security forces fire tear gas at demonstrators at Tehran University:

A rally in Dorud in Lorestan Province in western Iran — “Death to the Dictator”:

Iranian security forces try to disperse people gathering in Tehran:

Hundreds gathered at Tehran University — chants include “Death to the Dictator” and “People Give Their Lives for the Army. The Army Gives its Life for People”:

“Dont Just Stand By, Come and Join Us”:

Security forces deploy:

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  1. MKO admits it is behind the unrest in the country:

    “Their regime has no future, it is doomed to failure, and it is time for the international community to recognise the Iranian people’s resistance to overthrow that regime.”

    Protesters have also been chanting monarchist and racist anti-Arab slogans in many locations.

    • I’m sure this is an honest error but you have distorted the statement by the MKO spokesman.

      He did not say that MKO is “behind the unrest”. He did not indicate any MKO planning or involvement. He expressed support for the protests.

      Of course, MKO will try to use this to publicize their agenda — even if that hinders the protesters they are supposedly supporting — and of course regime supporters will try to portray MKO as the planner. This article and comment illustrate both.


        ” The MEK has an intricate and determined network of supporters inside Iran, as evidenced by the presence of MEK activists in the protests directed at the Iranian regime over the past year, including those now underway.”

        These protests came on the same day that the US and Israel agreed upon a joint plan to confront Iran:

        • Thanks for the Fox piece from a pro-MKO activist followed by your attempt to spin a conspiracy.

          Like I said — “Of course, MKO will try to use this to publicize their agenda — even if that hinders the protesters they are supposedly supporting — and of course regime supporters will try to portray MKO as the planner.”

          • The MKO/MEK would not miss an opportunity like this to cause trouble. They may not have been involved in the original economic protest held in Mashhad, but their activists are clearly on the ground, burning Iranian flags and pictures of Ayatollah Khamenei. Reports suggest they have attacked government buildings and may even be shooting firearms. I’d just like to know where the police are in all this? Why are they allowing this to happen? Are there elements in the ruling system who actually like these protests as they help undermine Rouhani? Why has Ezzatollah Zarghami (former IRIB chief) come out in support of them? There are a lot of conspiracy theories on social media tonight.

  2. Telegram suspends channel for promoting violence in Iran:

    Several police cars, government buildings and mosques have [Ed. — allegedly] been torched overnight as “protesters” confront Sarallah (IRGC) units and police as the demonstrations turn violent. Authorities are warning that deaths are likely to be staged to inflame the situation. However, no state of emergency has been called.

  3. MKO, Monarchists, this, that who ever else !! Bottom line is people are fed up with this regime. 40 years has done very little for the people. Regime folks can turn 200 circles around it and at the end Shah left an Iran with a 7 Toman to a US dollar exchange rate and it’s now about 4000 to a US dollar. That’s the bottom line and I’m not even gonna start on the social freedom part !

    And I’m not even taking in to consideration that the Shah did that with a very low oil price compared to the billions and billions of the last 20/30 years !!

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