Iran Video Special: Saturday’s Protests Across the Country

A cartoon for protests across Iran shows the Supreme Leader closing his ears to demands for action, as he thinks of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine:

A selection of verified videos from Iran on Saturday, the third day of protests of thousands of people across the country:

Protesters in Zanjan in northwest Iran take down a billboard with the portrait of the Supreme Leader:

Zanjan tonight:

Demonstrators in Arak in western Iran take down the sign of the paramilitary Basij:

Arak earlier today:

In front of Tehran University — “The students would rather die than bow to power”:

Izeh in western Iran — “Death to Khamenei”:

Kerman in central Iran — “The people are living like beggars, the Leader is behaving like God”:

Security forces fire tear gas at demonstrators at Tehran University:

A rally in Dorud in Lorestan Province in western Iran — “Death to the Dictator”:

Iranian security forces try to disperse people gathering in Tehran:

Hundreds gathered at Tehran University — chants include “Death to the Dictator” and “People Give Their Lives for the Army. The Army Gives its Life for People”:

“Dont Just Stand By, Come and Join Us”:

Security forces deploy:

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