1. Would anyone recognise Catalonia’s independence if it declared it? Northern Cyprus declared independence but no one other than Turkey recognises it.

  2. Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) declares its solidarity with Catalonia and supports its independence referendum
    https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/7376iu/movement_for_a_democratic_society_tevdem_declares/ 9/29/2017

    BREAKING: CNT (anarcho-syndicalist union that led the fight against fascism during Civil War) calls for general strike #CatalanReferedendum https://t.co/7OHkBec0kQ
    https://twitter.com/Undercoverinfo1/status/914584209238429696 10/1/2017

    76 years since the Spanish anarchists’ heroic revolution and resistance against fascism, their legacy has been reborn with the Rojava Revolution. With this touching Kurdish rendition of “A Las Barricadas (To the Barricades)”, we are reminded that for four years now a new world has been growing not only in our hearts, but in the streets, factories, shops and farms of Rojava, with the largest experiment in women’s liberation, worker’s self-management and direct democracy the world has ever seen.
    Viva Rojava! Viva Socialismo Libertario! ¡No pasarán! ¡Pasaremos!
    https://www.facebook.com/Rafaeltaylor3/posts/1526603380690545 9/15/2016

    • Not going to happend, Spain will stay united. The forces of disintegration and chaos will not prevail.

      76 years since the eternal counter-revolution (in wich God thanks! my ancestors participated) smashed one of the heads of the marxist hydra

      Aspa de Borgoña flameando al viento, hijos de Santiago, grandes son los Tercios

      Escuadrón de picas, flancos a cubierto, solo es libre el hombre que no tiene miedo

      Lucha por tu hermano, muere por tu reino

      Vive por la paz en este gran Imperio

      Nunca habrá derrotas si nos hacen presos

      Solo tras de muertos capitularemos

        • Not Francoists. Franco just appropriated the counter-revolution and unleashed northern africa´s muslim armies but at that point the essential job was almost done. There were the traditional and spontaneously organized militias in the spanish countryside that did most of the fighting (marxists were starting to ravage the countryside, the same did the bolsheviks against the mujiks in russia).

          Not francoists at all, their real leader was glorious Manuel Fal Conde.

  3. Surrounded by hostile forces, the Syrian Kurds are creating a society more democratic than any in America or Europe zcomm.org/znetarticle/ec… https://t.co/h3vuAzpdJr https://t.co/d0NhM2JoSf
    https://twitter.com/PlutoPress/status/906159441204174848 9/8/2017

    Quim Arrufat, a former Member of Parliament from the Catalonian independence and anti-capitalist party known as CUP, or Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (Popular Unity Candidacy) […] says political ties have been growing between the CUP movement and the Kurds in Rojava and Turkey during the last three or four years. For instance, feminist groups in both nations have established links, and their respective social movements have converge and collaborated.

    “It is not only because we find them cool or just for solidarity. We have similar pasts,” adds Arrufat. “We are both nations without a state and both live in states that do not love us.”
    http://www.occupy.com/article/can-catalonian-independence-provide-escape-route-capitalism 12/15/2015

    The 1936-7 revolution in Catalunya, in present-day Spain, where revolutionaries of the Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification (POUM) declared their political and economic autonomy while rejecting statehood is still one of the foundational moments in the history of establishing communalism. The POUM revolutionaries fought against the Stalinist Soviet army as well as against the fascist army of Franco in self-organized battalions and implemented workers self-management in Catalunya’s industry. Often this communalist revolution has been compared to the revolution of Rojava, which fights the regime of Assad and the militia of the Islamic State while at the same time building a new political and economical model of society.
    https://vimeo.com/182379157 9/12/2016

    • Cataluña forma parte de la corona de Aragón (integrante de la monarquía española), antiguamente era una región absolutamente contrarrevolucionaria y antijacobina. El marxismo y el anarquismo (ambos de factura extranjera) nunca tuvieron cabida en aquella región españolísima.

      Obviamente no se puede pretender precisión histórica de parte de estos pobres kurdos alucinados por ideas foráneas y que luego de haber renunciado a sus raíces tradicionales (y haberse sometido a la peor de las prostituciones mentales) se dedican a proyectar sobre el resto de las comunidades del mundo las ridículas fantasías que han (mal) aprendido de los “revolucionarios” occidentales.

      Que se queden ahí en “Rojava” leyendo los dislates de Murray Bookchin, pegando los patéticos carteles de Mario Bros (Apo) e implementando al servicio del globalismo mundial la ingeniería social sobre los despojos del pueblo kurdo tradicional.

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