Syria Daily: Regime Army “Will Reach Deir ez-Zor City Within 48 Hours”

Regime troops in Deir ez-Zor city in 2013

Pro-Assad offensive said to be 12 km from Deir ez-Zor city


The Assad regime’s military and its allies have entered Deir ez-Zor Province, the last significant area of ISIS presence within Syria, with the provincial governor declaring that the forces will reach Deir ez-Zor city within 48 hours.

The pro-Assad offensive, supported by Russian airstrikes, has been capturing the last ISIS positions in eastern Hama Province, with the promise of continuing to the east. The ultimate goal has been breaking the Islamic State’s siege of more than three years on Deir ez-Zor city, which is divided between ISIS and regime forces.

On Sunday, the regime’s military declared that it had moved as close as 12 km (7.5 miles) from the city, occupying the al-Kharata oil field along the way.

“The heroes of the army will arrive at Deir ez-Zor in 24-48 hours at the most,” Mohammed Ibrahim Samra, the provincial governor, said. He estimated that the main force was 18-20 km (11.5-12.5 miles) away.

Citing a “military source”, State news agency SANA said the pro-Assad forces were also clearing the last ISIS pocket in eastern Hama, with the capture of the town of Uqayribat and the surrounding area. The source claimed more than 120 Islamic State fighters were killed in the operation.

Iran Condemns US Blocking of ISIS Convoy Moving to East

In a twist of narrative, Iran — which has long proclaimed its fight alongside the Assad regime against the Islamic State — has criticized the US for blocking the movement of more than 600 ISIS fighters and family members to eastern Syria near the Iraq border.

A convoy of buses and ambulances began moving the ISIS group last Monday from southwestern Syria, after Hezbollah and Lebanese military operations cleared the Islamic State from both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese border. However, as the convoy reached eastern Hama Province, US warplanes cratered roads to prevent it from travelling farther to the town of al-Bukamal in Deir ez-Zor Province.

See Syria Daily, September 1: Has US Blocked Hezbollah-Regime Transfer of ISIS to East?

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi claimed on Sunday that the US was trying to tarnish “the victory of the Lebanese government and the resistance movement”. He insisted that “the US move to lay a siege to women and children” was “illogical” because of America’s “history of cooperation with Daesh”.

Qassemi emphasized that the US was blockading women and children but did not refer to the ISIS fighters: “The aerial siege against women and children in non-military buses and the deaths of several pregnant women over the past two days may turn into a humanitarian disaster if continued.”

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  1. Are there really four fallen angels bound beneath the Euphrates River? What are they waiting for? Why are they bound? Does it really matter? 11/17/2015

    The International Committee of the Red Cross […] said repairing Tabqa dam was a “priority,” not only for water but for the electricity it generates. 8/18/2017

    150 Families Form Ronak Electric Cooperative Society –… 8/28/2017

  2. One of the key players in the control of the water flows in the nations of the Fertile Crescent (Turkey, Iraq and Syria) is Turkey through which these rivers flow. In the 1960s, Turkey, Syria and Iraq negotiated a new phase of their relationship over water, as a result of Turkey’s decision to construct the Keban Dam on the Euphrates. After prolonged negotiations, Turkey guaranteed to maintain a discharge of 350 m3/s immediately downstream from the dam, provided that the natural flow of the river was adequate to supply this discharge.

    The price for an agreement between Turkey and Syria was that the Syrians would crack down on the large Kurdish population living near the Turkish border. 1/3/2017

    Together with Syrian rebels, Turkey took Jarablus, next to the Turkish border, from Daesh, encountering no resistance, which raises the question – had Daesh and the Turkish state made some agreement on water flow? 12/21/2016

    Islamic State ‘finance emir for Mosul’ relocated to Turkey, US says 8/31/2017

  3. 1. At Deir Ezzor, IS pitches precious dwindling reserves into last ditch effort to prevent swarming SAA Tiger’s breakthrough to besieged garrison, sending 12 VBIEDs in last 24 hours, not one of which reached its target due to marauding RuAF MI-35s and ground ATGM teams:

    Even the most zealous IS volunteers must think twice, seeing that rate of wastage …

    People of DeZ are literally dancing in the streets whereas sick NATO-fanbois, who for years nursed ardent lust to see the brave defenders decapitated on IS snuff vids, now gnaw their lips in a bitter rage of disappointment.

    2. As Qatari cash dwindles, mercenary Britzie warcrims quietly cease training pet JI-Joes, pack their ’values’ and sidle out of al-Tanf, not keen on staying for just desserts:

    • Hundreds?. Just a few zombie-like creatures and cripples, most of them locals from Tal afar cracked by the siege an the relentless bombing. Pathetic Kurdistan Army propaganda.

  4. “Faylaq Al-Rahman set a trap on highway near #Jobar and took out a T-72 as Regime renewed attempt to advance.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    This is how you do it. Create these kind of traps so they can be picked off by rebel snipers/ATGM operators.

  5. Love it. Syrian Army kicking butt and taking names. Next, the brutal Arab dictators/kings must be brought to justice. I would like to see an English specialty……….. disembowelment. Dasvidoniya!!!

  6. Obama’s Kiev Coup handed Crimea to Russia. Obama’s attempt to overthrow Assad failed and ended up giving Russia a strong presence in Syria.

    Trump is trying to bring sanity to our foreign policy. No regime change under Trump. Syrians are now getting their country back. Foreign govts. are bailing out of Syria, licking their wounds.

    Thank you Trump, thank you Putin. We are seeing something historic………… the taming of the CIA. About time.

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