Syria Daily: US Criticizes Russia for “No Steps” To Provide Aid


PHOTO: President Assad with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, February 2012


UPDATE 1600 GMT: UN envoy Staffan de Mistura has repeated that aid can only be delivered with the consent of the Assad regime.

De Mistura told a briefing in Geneva, “We need government permission. That is obvious.”

The envoy argued that the Assad regime’s latest declarations that it would allow into some besieged areas should be taken at face value.

He then passed the issue back to the International Syria Support Group — which had mandated the World Food Program to carry out airdrops, only for the UN to retreat from the commitment — to decide if deliveries could happen without regime permission.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: With the Assad regime continue to besieged towns across Syria, the US has criticized Russia for taking no “demonstrable steps” to ensure assistance, even though Moscow has been part of the international calls for aid.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner noted on Wednesday that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was in Vienna in mid-May as part of the International Syrian Support Group’s declaration for assistance by June 1, including airdrops, if the Assad regime did not permit ground access:

We are obviously disappointed, to put it mildly, that…Russia has not taken any demonstrable steps to support the International Syria Support Group’s call for the delivery of humanitarian relief by air.

They were there in Vienna. And they committed to this deadline as well. So, you know, they can also step up and apply pressure.

The airdrops into opposition-held areas, such as Darayya near Damascus, were never carried out. Before the deadline, UN envoy Staffan de Mistura said that the Assad regime’s consent would be necessary, and other UN officials cited issues of security, logistics, and cost.

Earlier this week, the UN set a new target date of June 10 for the regime to agree to assistance on the ground.

See Syria Daily, June 7: UN Retreats on Aid Airdrops, Will Proceed Only With Assad’s Consent

Pressed by reporters on Wednesday about why the airdrop option was even mentioned if it depended on the Assad regime’s consent, Toner initially noted that Damascus has said it may permit an aid delivery to Darayya — cut off since November 2012 — tomorrow: “I think we’re going to – we’re – although skeptical, we’re also going to wait and see what happens on Friday.”

He then made his call for Moscow to intervene.

Russia has publicized its airdrops of aid into regime-held parts of Deir ez-Zor Province in eastern Syria, but has never made a delivery to opposition-held territory.

The Assad regime briefly allowed assistance into some areas after a now-defunct February 27 cessation of hostilities, but tightened its blockades in April and May. UN agencies assisted only 5% of Syrians in hard-to-reach areas.

Toner indicated, “Russia actually has air assets on the ground in Syria and ostensibly has the permission of the Syrian government to fly.

He assured that Moscow was “aware of our concerns” but declined to say whether Washington had talked to the Russians. about using its aircraft to deliver aid, saying he did not want to discuss specifics.

Assad “Sadly Mistaken” Over “Military Solution”

Asked about Bashar al-Assad’s pledge on Tuesday of “more bloodshed” until he had won back “every inch” of Syrian territory, Toner said the President was “sadly mistaken if he thinks there’s a military solution”:

His speech was vintage Assad. He’s been in this for five – over five years. He’s carried out horrific violence against his own people. So it’s not surprising that he’s still fully committed to what he believes is a military victory.

See Syria Daily, June 8: Assad Promises More “Bloodshed”

The spokesman denounced the latest Russian-regime bombings near medical facilities in opposition-held Aleppo, “[This] is unconscionable and should be strongly condemned….It continues to exacerbate the suffering of innocent civilians.”

See Syria Feature: Russia-Regime Bomb Near Another Hospital in Aleppo City

US Designates ISIS-Linked Brigade as “Terrorist”

The US has listed the ISIS-linked Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade as a terrorist entity.

Technically, the designation freezes any Brigade property in US jurisdictions and blocks any transactions between Americans and the group. The effect is mainly symbolic, however, extending the US labeling of Islamic State factions in the Syrian conflict.

The Brigade was formed in August 2012 in Daraa in southern Syria. While confronting pro-Assad forces, it came to prominence with its detention of UN personnel, including the March 2013 abduction of 21 Filipino peacekeepers.

The Brigade cooperated with Jabhat al-Nusra Front through 2014, but later pledged allegiance to ISIS. It is now battling rebel factions in parts of Daraa.

Reports: Rebels Defeat Another Iranian-Led Attack South of Aleppo

Reports indicate that the rebel bloc Jaish al-Fatah have repelled another Iranian-led attack on the southern Aleppo front.

Iranian units and Iranian-led foreign militia tried to recapture Humayra, taken last week by the rebels, but were turned away. Pro-rebel outlets say about 30 attackers were killed and two armored vehicles were destroyed.

Jaish al-Fatah then counter-attacked and took the village of al-Qurassi, northeast of Humayra.

Later reports said rebels are attacking Khalasa, and an unconfirmed claim says they have captured Zaytan.

Footage of the advance into al-Qurassi, with fleeing pro-Assad militia and images of those killed (Warning — Graphic):

Rebels blow up a tank near Humayra:

Rebels have won a series of victories this spring, regaining territory lost in last autumn’s regime-Russian-Iranian-Hezbollah offensive. They have captured the towns of al-Eis and Khan Tuman on the Aleppo-to-Damascus highway, villages, and fuel and ammunition depots, while inflicting heavy casualties on the Iranian-led forces.


Rebels also withstood an assault north of Aleppo. Pro-Assad forces, supported by Russian airstrikes, briefly took territory around Mallah but a rebel counter-attack regained the area.

Regime Continues Attacks on Besieged Darayya Near Damascus

While supposing offering the possibility of aid, the Assad regime is continuing its assault on the besieged town of Darayya, 12 km (7.5 miles) southwest of Damascus.

Activists say the Syrian air force dropped at least 24 barrel bombs on Darayya on Wednesday while ground forces, supported by tanks and mine sweepers, tried once more to enter the town.

A rebel spokesman said at least 10 Syrian troops and militia were killed and several wounded as they attacked from the west of Darayya. A mosque was set on fire by the bombing, with worshipers injured as they prayed.

The situation was quieter in the town today, with only some shelling reported.

The regime’s ally Russia had announced a 72-hour truce on Tuesday.

Darayya has been cut off by the Syrian military since November 2012. In an apparent attempt to force a surrender through “reconciliation”, the regime has combined assaults with the prospect of assistance this spring. One convoy was halted by the Syrian army last month. Another did make it to the town but had no food and half-empty parcels.

Images of Wednesday’s bombing:

France: We Have Special Forces with Kurds-Led SDF

France has acknowledged its deployment of special forces with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who are pursuing an offensive in northern Syria against the Islamic State.

The US has already revealed that its special forces are with the SDF, accompanying American assistance through weapons, ammunition, and airstrikes.

The SDF is closing on the Islamic State’s main position in Aleppo Province, the city of Manbij.

“The offensive at Manbij is clearly being backed by a certain number of states including France. It’s the usual support — it’s advisory,” a French Defense Ministry official said.

He said the special forces are in an advisory role and are not supposed to engage in combat.

The SDF also could move on the Islamic State’s main center in Syria, the city of Raqqa, although so far it has only carried out probing operations about 60 km (37 miles) to the north.

Last weekend, The Times of London reported that British special forces are with the mainly-Arab New Syrian Army, which is fighting the Islamic State in southeastern Syria.

Incubator Babies Taken to Hospital Basement Amid Russia-Regime Airstrikes

Some of the nine babies taken from incubators to the basement of an Aleppo hospital on Wednesday, protecting them from Russian and regime airstrikes and barrel bombs:


Three hospitals were damaged in the attacks on the al-Sha’ar district. The Local Coordination Committees said that 41 people died across Aleppo Province on Wednesday, many of them in the airstrikes.

A doctor in one of the hospitals recounted:

It was a horrible moment. The nurses were trampling each other to rush the babies to the basement, while many of them started to cry. As my staff moved the incubators, I went to tell the people in the waiting room to leave the hospital. I ordered them, “Leave now! There might be a second attack.

The hospital is now out of service, like so many other hospitals inside Aleppo today.

With most medical facilities closed, there are now only 18 incubators in opposition-held areas of Aleppo city.

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  1. My guess is that ISIS will now take Deir zzor. Beeing cornered in Manjib and with coalition forces/regime approaching Raqqa too they need to take the city. And i think they will. I reckon how not long ago a Syrian general openly said that ISIS could take the city when it pleased, but strangely it seemed they dident want too. Now i think they will go all in. And the latest news seem to confirm this.

  2. Update:
    #Aleppo: IRGC imitates rebels by launching multiple offensives in different areas simultaneously “pro-Regime forces also attacking further North (from Sheikh Najar & Mallah). Without success so far.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    #National: “Very interesting video by #FSA Sham Legion shows how Daesh collects infos, propaganda works and recruits the suicide bombers, after they” – YallaSouriya
    If the FSA had a large dedicated counter-espionage operation centralised under one unit they/FSA would be able to use such information to pre-emptively target which individuals would be likely to be approached by Daeesh so FSA can turn them into double agents or get information to uncover how many sleeper cells Daeesh has in FSA territories.
    #Observation: 1) It seems all the mergers are finally bringing improvements in training perhaps? “Rebels are not only using fire power against the iranian militias in Sth Aleppo rif, they are evolving in their technics.” – YallaSouriya
    That said.
    2) It seems regime (or more accurately IRGC mercenaries and Iraqi Hashd militias) have altered their tactics by imitating the rebel’s blitzkrieg methods (ie launching surprise pre-emptive offensives using vehicles etc) in their offensives against rebels “Recently, pro-Regime militias changed tactics using more tanks & BMPs on S. #Aleppo front. It explains the increase of #ATGM fired by Rebels” – QalaatAlMudiq
    This is why I say rebels should place barbed wires in front of their trenches as well as keep troops in reserve in case of an unexpected regime offensive/counter-offensive.
    3) Wise advice on what FSA should do if they capture any territory from Daeesh “To secure the new liberated territory, rebels shld. immediately dig deep trenches on access roads that wld direct VBIED into fire/IED zones.” – Interbrigades

  3. Putin is abandoning Russian special forces soldiers captured in Ukraine:

    “Alexandrov, 28, says he’s a Russian soldier who was captured in eastern Ukraine after being sent there on active duty with Russian special forces to help separatists fighting Kiev.”

    “Yet Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the face of widespread evidence to the contrary, has repeatedly said there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine – only volunteers who have gone to help the separatists of their own accord.

    So Alexandrov and Yevgeny Yerofeyev, another Russian who was captured with him, find themselves pawns in the deepest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War.”


    ‘There is no money left, bye!’: Russian PM causes social media storm
    Medvedev was caught on camera telling an elderly woman in Crimea, a region annexed by Russia from Ukraine in spring 2014, that there was “no money left” in Russia’s budget when he was asked why the state pension of 8,000 Russian rubles a month (around $125 a month) was not higher given the rising cost of living.
    Despite the jokes, Russia’s economy is in the doldrums and there certainly is little money for Russia to increase the state pension, particularly not in line with inflation which stood at 7.3 percent in May. Ironically, it was Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014 – as well as its role in a pro-Russian uprising in east Ukraine that same year – that largely precipitated its economic crisis.

    The flies have captured the flypaper. Was the Crimea worth it? How about that invasion of the eastern Ukraine? And now Putin may be considering a step into a new and endless Afghan type quagmire in Syria where the rebels, fighting as many as six enemies at a time, are not stopped by endless bombing of civilians but even more motivated instead.
    All stem from a quest at Empire Building by Force–a diversionary quest motivated by Putin’s fear of democratic movements in Russia and designed to divert attention by exploiting Russian super nationalism. Russians were told these empires would be “low cost” and pay for themselves. Everywhere–the Crimea, the Ukraine, Syria, the Central Asia Republics and the Caucasus, it’s as if the Russians had swallowed a poison cake as they suffer for their greed and viciousness. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Excuse me while I gloat. In their bullying tendencies Putin and Trump are psychological twins. So too in their tendency to double down on mistakes rather than admit them. Is it any wonder that each adores the other as an ideal leader?
    Iranian forces are getting their butts kicked. As in Vietnam, guerilla supply lines can’t be cut because Sunnis outside Syria know what’s at stake, will not allow a Russian Orthodox-Iranian-Assad triumph in Syria. They are doing what China and Russia did to us in Vietnam and what Obama could have done easily at low cost. If the genocidal, anti-civilian Chechnya Genocide Strategy didn’t work for Assad why would it work any better for Putin. All it does is burn bridges and radicalize Sunnis, both inside and outside Syria. Russia and Iran have become the #1 Enemy of All Sunnis, replacing both Israel and the USA in the top spot.
    Mark my words. What Russia is doing now is sowing future enemies down the road on Russia’s southern borders and internally. Watch as Putin escalates further, pouring Russian ground troops in–the likely purpose of yesterday’s Tehran meetings. What political benefits will Putin reap at home if casualties mount with no prospect of a quick victory. Russians fear another Afghanistan yet Putin seems determined to create one. Unlike the USA when the USA got involved in Vietnam in the sixties, Russia is entering this bog with an far more shaky economy.

    I keep writing that we need to totally withdraw totally from Iraq and Afghanistan, giving Putin and Khamenei no choice but to take on that job. Instead we should complicate things for both men in Syria by doing what China and Russia did to us on the cheap in Vietnam, i.e., Just supply the rebels with everything they need to wear down the Bad Guys. Who needs Bush-style intervention?

    • Can you provide a link that confirms “All Sunnis” hate Russia and Iran more than they hate Israel and the USA?Most Sunnis would have to hate them all equally,surely?

      • It’s unnecessary. The facts speak for themselves. Russia and its allies have killed hundreds of Sunni civilians for every one killed by Israel or the USA whose fighters often return from missions in Iraq with ordnance still aboard because of risks to killing civilians. Putin and Assad show no hesitation while Iranian-backed Shia militia murder Sunni civilians with no qualms.
        Russians killed 850,000 Sunnis in Afghananistan–far more than Americans even though we’ve been there far longer. How many Sunnis did they kill in two Chechen wars, the second of which Putin initiated via a fake Reichstag fire trick in which he bombed Russian-occupied apartment buildings and blamed Chechens. Note Putin’s crimes against Tatars in Crimea. Note his support of Armenians against Muslims. Note his propaganda support of Milosevic’s crimes in Kosovo and Bosnia.

        Compared to that, Israel’s crimes are much less which doesn’t mean they don’t exist. All West Bank settlements must go.

        • Convincing argument.You guys did kill less Sunnis in Afghanistan.I will slot in USA as 4th most hated by Sunnis then.Who comes in 5th,the West?

        • It’s unnecessary. The facts speak for themselves

          In other words, this is a wet dream RT has been praying for but unsupported by facts or reality. The fact is that the leaders of all Sunni states in the ME are building stronger ties with Russia and shunning the West, especially Washington.

          Russians killed 850,000 Sunnis in Afghananistan–far more than Americans even though we’ve been there far longer

          The US killed over a million Sunnis in Iraq alone. Under Clinton, half s million children were killed due to the US blockage. That many adults were killed. The illegal war of aggression and invasion of Iraq killed another million.

          • “The US killed over a million Sunnis in Iraq alone.”
            The most reliable figure for total mortality following the invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam is around 125,000. Not all of those were killed by Americans (or their allies).

            • The most reliable figure for total mortality following the invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam is around 125,000. Not all of those were killed by Americans (or their allies).

              False. That figure only accounts for documented body counts from violence recorded by more than one news source, one of which must be English speaking.

              All the reliable estimates show more than a million deaths due to the war started by the US. By initiating this illegal act of aggression, the US bears all responsibility for all deaths that ensue

          • Ethnic cleansing is wrong and it’s thievery, whether done by Hitler, Stalin, Assad, Putin or Netanyahu. Get out or pay for what you took and grant all Palestinians full citizenship. I do support Israel’s right to exist but not to steal land and property from others.

            • The Israelis have tried ever since the first Zionists arrived to pay the Muslims for land. The Muslims refuse. It is a major crime in the West Bank to sell any land to a Jew.
              Settlements as such are not illegal under Israeli law, but some are banned in practice and have been cleared out (only to be re-occupied five minutes later). However, the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza was completed.
              (Really it was religious cleansing as the Jews and Muslims in Israel/Palestine are not racially distinct.)

      • LATEST UPDATES (unconfirmed)
        Everything appears to be falling apart for the regime in the Aleppo area today and for ISIS in the Aleppo area as well, unlike Deir Ezzor.
        The first item below would tie in with claims by others above that the regime is trying to change things via multiple offensives. But what happens if “the Tiger” gets knocked off and his forces mauled. His attack, if confirmed, seems to be a “must succeed.” That goes double if Deir Ezzor falls soon.

        –ITEMS (Mallah farms in north Aleppo)

        Tiger force started operation in the Al Mallah area of North Aleppo countryside. Source: “Politics and Security.” However, Leith Fadel claims they didn’t really attack. It was the NDF only. Ivan Sidorenko asks, “Syria Aleppo NorthernAleppo Dont Think this was the beginning of Large Operations. Why would they only attack Mallah Area? However, Markito0171 just reported that rebels regained the al-Mallah farms area.
        –ITEMS: Jaish al-Fath now trying to storm Khalsa village after expelling IRGC from al-Qarasi today south of Aleppo. IRGC and Assad troops started retreating from Zytan village south Aleppo. –Stork
        ITEM: Jan is pushing SAA from south Aleppo. And the funniest thing is that they don’t fear RuAF at all.–John Kutrapeli.
        ITEM: Breaking. Jaish Al-Fateh started battle to control Khalasah in S. #Aleppo. First SVBIED reported.–Qalaat al-Mudiq
        ITEM: Big assault from pro-gov militias trying to retake Humayra in south Aleppo and intense shelling. 2 tanks destroyed so far. Heavy clashes ongoing. –Tim Hogan.
        ITEM: Huge VBIED took out first Iranian defense lines in Khalsa, west Zitan and rebels now storming Khalsa–Source: “Jamming.

    • ‘There is no money left, bye!’: Russian PM causes social media storm


      The US needs 3-4 trillion to upgrade it’s crumbling and collapsing infrastructure, but doesn’t have the money.

      ” The group estimates $3.6 trillion would need to be invested into U.S. infrastructure by 2020 just to raise the country’s support systems to acceptable levels.”

      • Standard diversions reflect the “Whatabout?” training from troll factories in St. Petersburg. This one also relies on argument by bad analogy.

        The causes of the US deficit are totally different and more correctable and mainly stem from the Bush tax cuts in 2001. The US was headed for an enormous windfall due to end of cold war and to large estates coming due with taxes. We’d have plenty of money if the GOP hadn’t decided to give teensy-weenie tax breaks to the middle class and whopping tax breaks to the top ttwo percent. The GOP also favored fighting wars and building defense by borrowing the cash instead of paying for it via decent tax rates.

        THe causes of Russia’s economic plight are much more incurable: massive corruption and thievery, capital flight caused by same, a huge brain drain, a one-dimensional economy based too much on oil and the quest to restore a forced-based Russian empire and its consequences.

      • I really don’t think you read the article that you posted if your conclusion from reading that was that the US doesn’t have the money. LMAO. That’s not what it says. Try a little reading comprehension 101 next time. I know it’s tough.

        PS. The Russkies would literally kill to have our economy. They are a glorified corrupt gas station masquerading as country. We have states with larger economies than Russia.

    • Then there is Social Security, which is in crisis and eight he baby boomers all reaching retirement, the US economy will face near certain collapse.

      “We have made financial promises to the Baby Boomers worth tens of trillions of dollars that we simply are not going to be able to keep. Even if we didn’t have all of the other massive economic problems that we are currently dealing with, this retirement crisis would be enough to destroy our economy all by itself.”

  5. From Charles Lister
    #1: Reports: SDF has killed #ISIS’s Emir in #Manbij, “Osama al-Tunisi,” along with his family as they attempted to flee to Al-Bab. #Syria
    #2: Jabhat al-Nusra showing off new Mitsubishi pickup trucks & armor (BMPs & tanks) in southern #Aleppo:
    (As I’ve noted, Sunnis have no choice but to come to the rescue of other Sunnis facing a genocidal Russian Orthodox-Alawite-Shia crusade for dominance and submission).
    From Lebanon’s NOW:
    #1: North Aleppo rebels break ISIS siege on Marea
    #2: Will Manbij battle establish new relations between Syrian Arabs and Kurds?
    The anti-ISIS coalition’s plan to put Syrian Arabs in the forefront of fighting and administration of the captured territory could ease Arab-Kurdish tensions.


  6. Eliott Higgins at Bellingcat reports on:
    “In addition to weapons collected from government stocks, MANPADS have been brought into Syria from outside. According to Charles Lister of the Brookings Institution, MANPADS have been imported to the Syrian opposition in at least three waves. Once in 2012, once 2013 and once in late 2015. If one holds the reports of past Gulf support to be accurate, it is plausible that the introduction of these new weapons platforms in 2015 was the military response Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey alluded to in their public statements this last Autumn. The narrative that the opposition needs better access to “more advanced” weapons systems continues to this day in the public statements of Gulf officials.”
    As Russia Orthodox invaders and Assad step up genocide against Sunni civilians, hospitals, rescue workers, schools and markets, then Sunnis outside Syria must and WILL provide the targeted population with the means to protect themselves. The costs of Russian intervention must be raised substantially..

    So far 90 assad-troops killed today,70 around aleppo and 20 around deir ezzor–“Military expert.”

    Regime supporters online are gloomy, fearing ISIS will prevail there soon.

    Pro-regime Peto Lucem is worried. He tweets “ISIS retreat from rural N. Aleppo will most likely have impact on #DeirEzzor front. New large scale ISIS offensive there is very likely.”
    AJ responds, ” I keep saying it, but without a massive change on the ground, it’s only a matter of time for DeirEzzor.”
    @aj_I am afraid you are right, a pocket stays a pocket and soldiers may be exhaustedAlexandre LATSA
    John Arterbury reports “Loyalist source: fierce clashes now within the vicinity of the Deir Ezzor airport.”

    If Deir Ezzor fall even after massive intervention in Syria by Russia and Iran and while the latter takes big losses in Aleppo, what will be the effect on Assad regime morale, especially if massive executions follow? Putin’s worries about getting into a high cost quagmire with no prospect of quick victory in sight are certain to mount as well. Khamenei says Iran is willing to pay any costs to keep Assad in power but can he afford to do so?

    #Manbij : Final assault for the city is ready to start. 4000 SDF troops vs 2000 IS (Sources : Sohr, US military spokesman)
    #Syria reports that Hezbollah unit arrived in DeirEzzor to secure the top strategic Jabal Thurdah (DeirEzzor airbase). –Apostolis Moustakas

    I’m skeptical about that report since how would they get there? In any case, so much for invading Syria to protect a mosque in Damascus even while destroying Sunni mosques by the hundreds.
    #‎Aleppo‬ province, 09-06-2016: Rebel forces in southern Aleppo province earlier today captured five more of Tehran’s Iraqi Shiite proxy militia members (pictured) who were fighting for the Assad regime, as well as seizing the jeep mounted with a 106-mm field gun which they were using, along with a number of other weapons (also pictured).–Free Syria Radio

  8. Update:
    #International: My oh my ‘Hezbollah moves tons of cocaine to Latin America and Europe to finance their operations’.
    #National: This is hysterically funny if true “Families of Regime soldiers killed receive a clock those who’ve been wounded get two cans of beans.” – CombatChris1
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 🙂
    #Aleppo: It seems the rebels have captured another town from the regime “Jaish al-Fath capture Zaytan village south Aleppo.” – NorthernStork

    • I mentioned this because you/Scott were in it. Is this your first appearance on BBC programme on the subject?

      • K9,

        I’ve worked with the team that made it on another Syria-related project, about the first wave of Iranians who went into Syria in 2012-2013. This is the first time that the Afghan story has been told through documentary, to my knowledge.


    • K9,

      Thanks so much. I was involved in this as an interviewee and know the people who made it well. Will post it as an EA Feature by the weekend.



      • Suggestion: How about inviting the investigator on that BBC reporter to write an article on this particular subject (ie duped/blackmailed Afghan Shiite fighters) for this website? Like an update on that report she did for the BBC?

  9. CIA frets that their corn-fed pets in Aleppo in danger of imminent extinction:
    Lazy SAA stroll home from a picnic at Al-Qarassi in S.Aleppo, until a SAW opens up to remind ‘em why jogging is so recommended for one’s health:
    JaN stormtroopers wade through remains of defenders in S.Aleppo today:
    SAA weeping in S.Aleppo after a recent spanking:
    SAA’s Tiger Forces attacking Al Mallah Farms this evening:
    IS innovators now fielding UAVIEDs in combat:
    A peek into the guts of NATO State Terrorism in Turkey:

    • “Lazy SAA stroll home from a picnic at Al-Qarassi in S.Aleppo…”

      They are not strolling. Those poor devils are exhausted, they can´t run anymore.

        • Barbar first link is rubbish. Rebels got spanked nowhere neither by regime nor by the russians. Actually if you would follow the news (and you do) the same rebels you speaking actually yesterday inflicted the usual humiliation to the iranians and took more territory. At this pace it will be JAF to encircle Aleppo…….:)

  10. JAF when united is by far the deadliest fighting force in the rebel side. And by far i mean in a league of its own totally. They improved much more than the idlib days. The footage coming out in the last weeks from S Aleppo shows now a well organized group, fully motivated and using proper strategies on the battlefield aswell as a large amount of firepower at their disposal.

    • That’s to be expected given all the training they have received by Jordan and the US, not to mention all the arms and finance by their US/Saudi backers.

      Without them, the FSA would be non existent

      • There was(is) no involvement of US/Jordan to J.A.Fateh.But there is full involvement of Turkey + some GCC countries. During 2015-2016 people even questioned whose side is Jordan.

  11. Malcolmite ‏@Malcolmite 6h6 hours ago
    Latakia: explosions rocked Hamamim airbase today as Rebels shelled it with grad rockets
    Malcolmite ‏@Malcolmite 48m48 minutes ago
    11 elite Iranian commanders & officers killed today in Aleppo by rebels

    Not a bad day. From multiple collected instances on the ground.

  12. I cannot believe how well the anti-Assadists have recovered after so many blistering assaults from the air by the Russians but then there is that thing called motivation; that driving force which propels you onwards towards the achievement of your goals and which can drive you through so many barriers of pain. (Ably assisted by Captagon I guess.)

  13. Raqqa attack by SDF seems to have been only a decoy to confuse IS but SAA also fell for it,now it will be interesting whether SAA return or concentrate on Tabkha.RUAF not interested in covering Iranians in S Aleppo,Iran should withdraw or bring Iranian AF.

    • SAA soldiers must be running out of cell batteries rather than bullets on the road to raqqa….world record of selfies.

    • Apparently, at the recent Defence Ministers’ confab in Teheran, the Rooskies told IRGC cheapskates in no uncertain terms to get their fingers out and send real troops as agreed, instead of titting about endlessly with the ad hoc Afghan War Orphans Brigades … so now, all of a sudden, they’re [talking about] sending 100,000 actual soldiers and 16 fighter jets via Iraq to secure Syrian borders:
      [I suspect the Iraqi transit refusal was prearranged before making these statements and none of this help will ever arrive in Syria. If Iran was actually committed to saving Assad or the Ba’athist state, they’d have mounted this operation years ago already, instead of placidly allowing AQ and/or NATO’s JI-Joes to secure the Syrian borders.]

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