Syria Daily, August 21: Israel Strikes Assad’s Army

A fire in northern Israel after stray cross-border shelling from Syria, August 2015

PHOTO: A fire in northern Galilee in Israel, caused by a rocket from Syria on Thursday (EPA)


Special: Remembering Assad’s Chemical Attacks — and Those Who Died — on August 21, 2013

UPDATE 1430 GMT: Israel has carried out another airstrike inside Syria, hitting a car in Quneitra Province in southwest Syria on Friday.

The strike killed all five men in the vehicle. Unconfirmed claims said they were in the Assad militia, the National Defense Forces, but State media said a “civilian car” had been hit by a drone.

The Syrian military also said one of the overnight Israeli air raids in Quneitra killed one soldier and wounded seven.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Israel has attacked the Assad regime’s military with airstrikes and artillery, after rockets from Syria were fired into Galilee and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Targets in southwestern Syria, from Quneitra to West Ghouta in Damascus Province, reportedly included the 68th and 90th Brigades, the 37th Regiment, a military security branch, artillery batteries, communications antennae, and other outposts and infrastructure. Activists listed 14 military posts that were hit in the Golan Heights.

Earlier on Thursday, two rockets were launched from Quneitra Province across the border, with two landing in Upper Galilee and two in the Golan Heights, held by Israel since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

No group claimed responsibility, but the Israeli military said the rockets were likely fired from territory controlled by the Assad regime.

An Israel Defense Forces spokesman said, “The army sees Syria as responsible for the fire, and it will pay the price for it.” After the strikes, an IDF officer explained:

We attacked several kilometers into Syria, 5 or 6 sites with multiple targets within each site. Our attacks are much more severe this time around, in order to send a message and underlie the severity of this incident.

Other Israel Defense Forces sources blamed Islamic Jihad, with Iranian funding and direction, for the attacks. Islamic Jihad spokesman Daud Shihab firmly denied that the organization was responsible.

Unconfirmed claims said Assad troops died in the Israeli retaliation. The Syrian military denied any casualties.

There have been occasional clashes and airstrikes near the border this year. In January, an Israeli air raid killed Hezbollah and Iranian commanders and fighters, including Jihad Imad Mughniyah, the son of a famed Hezbollah commander.

The Israeli military said Hezbollah and Iran were planning to establish launch sites for rockets near the border.

See Syria Daily, Jan 19: Israeli Airstrike Kills Hezbollah and Iranian Commanders

Just over a week later, Hezbollah killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded seven when they struck a convoy with an anti-tank missile.

See Israel-Lebanon-Syria Developing: Hezbollah Missile Attack Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers, Injures 7

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  1. If Hezbolllah dares fire at Israel now, imagine what it might do with that $150 billion Obama dollars plus an Obama-provided, Iran-dominated, Hezbollah-filled enclave on the Syrian coast.

    If Obama doesn’t want to oust his beloved Genocide Regime before that cash arrives, Israel may have no choice but to act, Ditto, the Saudis, Gulf states and Turks to protect themselves from Iran-Obama shemes. With Hezbollah then massively handicapped and with no means of supply, Iran may be forced to give up current imperial dreams. That would be good for everyone–Syria, Iran itself and the USA even if our slow-wittted president has yet to figure it out.


    Hopefully most of the Homs area will fall o ISIS, putting more pressure on the even more murderous and horrific Genocide Regime. Once that Prime Threat to all Sunnis is gone, they can focus on eliminating almost as horrific ISIS.

    Until then, the crimes of bedfellows Assad, Iran. Putin and Backstabbing Obama (aka the Pro-Genocide Alliance and enemies of humanity ) will continue to feed radicalism.


    Putin has turned Russia into a Third World resource for China. Therefore any recession in China has exceptional impact on Russia. To the degree China’s economic woes affect Europe or the USA that too will impact Russia by lowering demand for oil further.

    Another shoe is wainting to fall the moment sanctions on Iran end and Khamenei starts selling all that oil stored in parked tankers. For Iran, low prices beat no prices. It cannot withhold oil from the market just to save Putin’s butt.

    That’s the one upside to Obama’s nuke treaty at present. The nuclear concessions might not be a problem if Obama were willing to take strong measures tooust Assad and assure that any successor regime does not help keep Hezbollah afloat. Faced with a fait accompli in Syria, Iran would have no choice but to turn inward and focus on reform rather than empire (Putin should have chosen that same option instead of the reverse). What makes the nuke provisions dangerous is that Obama continues to protect what he calls “Iran’s interests in Syria” Translation: making sure Assad’s fall doesn’t threaten to amputate Hezbollah’s supply line.

    Let me finish by reviewing once again how Putin indisputably killed the Russian economy:

    1) Putin shoudl have used the cash from high oil prices to diversity the economy. Now its too late.

    2) Looking after her own interets first, China took advantage of Putin’s plight to get a very favorable oil deal which assures her of low market prices for years to come.

    3) Having fostered economic overdependence on China, Putin placed it in a position to take further advantage. Worse yet, he assured that any economic downturn in China is especially critical for Russia. Today Putin Land is headed for bankruptcy. It has become China’s Congo–a third world type of supplier for raw materials and little else. Putin once had a great alternative via the West but blew it.

    4). Putin’s aggression empire seeking and his demonstrated willingness to use oil as a weapon affected Russia negatively in at least three ways: via sanctions, by deterring badly needed investment and modernization and by forcing the West to develop new shale and battery technologies much faster than would have occurred otherwise,

    5) Putin’s support for Iranian expansion and crimes int he Middle East led the Saudis to retaliate in the only way available–by driving down the price of oil.

  4. A couple of thoughts today.

    1. Israeli attacks on Brigade 90 and other military installations are a little different this time than in the past. They struck multiple locations all the way up to Sa’sa base in Southern Damascus. This is the supply line to Quneitra. The Israelis must be begging the rebels to try to take all of Quneitra to move the fighting away from the Golan. I would expect these airstrikes to be coordinated with the rebels in the future if the rebels don’t take the areas on their own.;358995437;331772869;1148414;821448;1167297;594622;63514;0;0;389279;1091766;873122;1146697;809965&search=quneitra

    2. Any slowdown in Idlib usually means something big happening in Aleppo. Rebels retook most of the areas they lost a few days ago. However, I think we are seeing the big operations being planned in Aleppo once again. Rebels are advancing against IS north of Sheikh Najjar while trying to hold lines further north in Marea and Sawran.

    The last round of rebel offensives in Aleppo had limited success. However, I keep arguing that the rebels have to keep trying in Aleppo. Aleppo is a huge city and will be hard to take but it’s the most important realistic target for the rebels right now.

    3. What I would like to see from the rebels in the coming weeks.

    a. Hold lines against IS in Northern Aleppo but advance against IS north of Sheikh Najjar to replace IS front lines against the regime.

    b. A big Aleppo offensive against the regime in Aleppo. Lots of options as to where to attack but large efforts are necessary in Aleppo.

    c. If the rebels can hold the lines in the Ghab or advance steadily then fighters should be shifted to the Latakia mountains if they aren’t already doing that. The rebels could continue going after the Jabal Akrad and Jabal Turkman areas which are primarily Sunni.

    d. In Daraa, it’s becoming obvious the regime are well entrenched in Daraa city. I’d like to see the rebels be more creative in the southern front. Go after various targets outside of Daraa city or build tunnel bombs as the rebels in the north did and others on this site have suggested.

    e. Quneitra – Let the Israelis handle it. Fire random rockets into unpopulated areas of the Golan Heights and watch the Israelis strike back in Quneitra and southern Damascus. Repeat and Repeat. Maybe ask the Israelis to let them know next time they strike.

    f. Eastern Ghouta – Nice to see them actually doing some fighting lately. While I like to see them build up an army in East Ghouta, they also need On the Job Training. Which means attacking the bad guys.

    g. Qalamon – The regime will want to capture Zabadani before winter. Why can’t the Qalamon rebels organize to relieve some of the pressure on Zabadani? The Qalamon rebels have the numbers. Zabadani needs to hold out for a few more months.

    h. Northern Homs – Hang in there!!!

    • ALEPPO: When and if the rebels do launch an offensive in Aleppo, I think its essential that they to after the Khanassir-Al Safira area and neutralize the main airport first, cutting off any possibility of supply, reinforcement or exit. Allowing an exit in this case would help make viable a coastal enclave by providing Assad with the manpower to defend it. To those who insist on allowing the regime an exit, I’ve already given one reason. The second is the regime won’t use such an exit anyway until it has to. Cutting the regime off from the outside world will weaken defenders. No need to take the entire city for now unless rebels can do so easily and quickly.

      GHOUTA: The lack of rebel offensive action is puzzling here because it could put more pressure on the regime elsewhere. Concern over ISIS gains tin the desert and fear of ISIS-Regime collaboratin could be playing a part.

      DARAA: I agree the regime seems well entrenched in the city.. You would think the regime would have a hard time defending their supply ines southward to the city. Rebels need to cut that umbilical cord further north and any supply lines from Sweida Province to Daraa.

      LATAKIA: Rebels need to take the high ground for now, use it to pound pro-regime towns and supply lines and force the manpower short regime into endless counterattacks for the present.

      QUNEITRA: Agree.

    • “The Israelis must be begging the rebels to try to take all of Quneitra to move the fighting away from the Golan. I would expect these airstrikes to be coordinated with the rebels in the future if the rebels don’t take the areas on their own.” – I been predicting this for sometime purely because it would be in the interests of both southern-rebels/Israelis (e.g. rebels get air protection in return they tie-down and attritionally wear away Hezbollah manpower on behalf of Israel) and I suspect it’s already happening indirectly (if one assumes the rumours of links between the southern front rebels and Jordanian intelligence services are true). I seriously would not be suprised if both Jordan and Israel decide to create a NFZ in the southern part of Syria. Unfortunately with the southern front rebels they don’t seem to have same level of technical ingenuity (e.g. having the ability to improvise DIY artillery, create and use tunnelling system to link different areas together to shield them from regime aerial and artillery bombardment etc) like the northern front but they are improving (e.g. in the past they use to stupidly attacked entrenched SAA position without artillery).


    RED TORNADOES OFFERS A PREDICTION: If Obama’s nuke clear passes and assuming Obama’s objectives in Syria remain unchanged, we’ll see far more and far bigger attacks of this sort before Khamenei gets his hands on Obama’s $150 billion.

    Israell must and will protect its own interests and national security. Lke the Saudis or the Syria rebels Israel can see any promises of “protection” from Obama are worthless. Obama has stated outright that he intends to protect Iran’s “interests” in Syria in any peace deal. That translates to preserving a supplly line from Syria by which Hezbollah can be supplied with hundreds of newly purchased weapons once Iran gets all that cash. That Iran intends to do so is impicit in its demands for preserving a pro-Hezbollah regime in Syria. Why would it need such a supply line otherwise.

    Many of us who voted for Obama were too eager to overlook clues to this man’s intentions. Three such missed clues now stand out.

    1. Obama’s vote against the surge that created the Sunni Awakening which successfully fought ISIS’ predecessors.

    2. Obama’s pledge to withdraw from Iraq regardless of conditions (We wrongly assumed he’d be more flexible, especially if conditions warranted flexibiliy.

    3. Obama’s longtime attendance at a Chicago Church whose minister spoke of “goddamn America, who held pro-Iran views and who appears to have blames the USA for all the world’s problems, a la Noam Chomsky, Juan Cole, and that crowd and and Counterpunch–the same bunch that sided with Russia and Milosevic at the time of the Srbrenica massacre and afterwards. Again we too easily dismissed evidence we didn’t want to see. Obama wouldn’t have sat through such sermons Sunday after Sunday if the didn’t agree with such views.

    • RT, please speak for yourself. “We” saw all the BS Obama was putting up, and “We” saw him for the communist he has always been from the very beginning. YOU – personally, RT, you personally did not see it, despite all the evidence you now mention, and voted for Obama. Now you want to hide behind “We” and somehow imply this is not your fault, it was because somehow “everybody” did it. This is not true. Half of the country did not fall for this. You personally did.

      I appreciate your belated apology for helping to impose this monster on all of us, and at the same time if you want to apologize, then take a personal responsibility and state clearly that this is your mistake and you personally regret your decision.


        • Geez, you are still defending the guy even as he announces his intentions to protect Iranian’s Hezbollah’s interestrs and those of Putin in Syria.

          Tell me: What’s wrong with an NFZ in Syria if Israell’s air force has no problems? What’s wrong with seeing that Iran faces a fait accompli in Syria by the time the $150 billion reaches Khamenei’s hands.

          You probably believe, like Obama, that Khameneii will change his views and behavior 180 degrees in return for Obama’s appeasement.

      • Re: “What’s good for the goose gotta be good for the gander.”

        Obama’s rich pro-Bad Guy bias is so apparent in his total willingness to allow Putin, Khamenei and proxies to supply large amounts of ammo, equipment and men to Assad while begruding the rebels so much as a slingshot. Notice how he wouldn’t even alllow their homes and families so much as an NFZ which he could have done easily. All the Bad Guys do is target civilians and Obama and Ben Rhodes seem to get off of on that.

        What a contemptible, cheap ass character we have in the White House. For the bad guys he really is “Mr. Bend Over,” the Friend of Fascism! Obama’s views were identical to Jeremyn Cornbyn but he hid them from us which is why he won while Corbyn got hammered. With his Chomsky-style views deliberately welll concealed a man who otherwise would have been hammered if straight with us became a shoe in against the Koch Brothers owned party of white supremacy, the NRA, Christian fundamentalist theocracy, etc. The only one who owes apologies about that is Obama the Liar and Dissimulator.

        That’s why, even today with all Obama’s blunders and Democrats’ and Hillary’s support for them in the coming Congressional vote, the best I and my wife can do on election day is stay home. I have no problem with their domestic program and serious problems with the above things the GOP stands for, along with excess cuts for the rich which put us in this hole just when the government had been headed for huge surpluses instead of deficits. The ideal of cutting taxes forever and especially for the top one or two percent has no appeal at all to me. How are we even supposed to support our military or fix infrastructure. Maybe yoiu’ll abolish social security and medicare entirely since its alll “socialism” according to your doctrine.

    • Global research, is it? Did they manage to work chemtrails into the spin? You’ve just flagged yourself as a complete tool, though I’m sure that will not surprise any of the regulars here.

    • Ziad you have done what I thought was impossible you have made yourself look like an even bigger fool than I thought was possible. That website claims the illuminate caused 9/11 and they work brotherhood of the snake or something I follow the numbness I read more convincing 1st drafts of George Lucas scripts. Said site makes 50 shades of Grey look like Les Miserables by comparison. And you use this as rebuttal to a university professor?

      What you have done is the equivalent of submitting a baking soda volcano to a a scientific research institution and demanded a noble prize for said baking soda volcano.

    • Ah, Global Research? The equivalent to the inventor of the perpetual motion machine? Putin, Khamenei, and Chavez’ homepage?

  6. Mr. Oren’s Planet: A Bogus Account from Israel’s Man in Washington

    “No one could deny that the relationship with the United States constitutes the “most precious” alliance for Israel, that America is Israel’s “ultimate” ally or that, for Israel, its ties to America are the “deepest” ones it has with any other state. But that feeling is not really shared on the American side, and for good reason.”

    “No Israeli has ever fought and died alongside American forces. Ever since World War I, British, Australian and Canadian troops have done so time and again. The forces of many other states, from France and the Netherlands, to Poland and Estonia, to South Korea, likewise have stood shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield with their American counterparts. On the other hand, Israel has never been part of any American “coalition of the willing.”

    “Oren’s assertions would surely come as news to the British, Australians and Canadians, among others. Israel does not come close to the level of intelligence sharing that these states have with America. The magnitude of its trade does not match that of many other states—which comes as no surprise, given its small size. Its cultural exchanges likewise do not match those America has with other countries; for example, Israel ranks only seventeenth among states hosting Americans studying abroad.”

    “Finally, Oren is too clever by half when he writes that America benefits from the huge sums it gives Israel in military aid because “roughly 75 percent of these funds were spent in the United States, stimulating its economy and creating tens of thousands of jobs.” In fact, whereas the overwhelming majority of military sales are paid for with the local resources of purchasing countries, and therefore bring foreign money into the American economy, sales to Israel effectively give America back its own dollars. Moreover, Israel only returns three-fourths of that money; it is virtually the only country that is permitted to spend American security-assistance dollars on its own indigenously produced defense items.”

    • “… Israel has never been part of any American “coalition of the willing”.

      True, but this is because America preferred to leave Israel out (for an example, during the ‘Gulf war’ 1990), as not to upset Amrica’s Sunni “allies”.
      Also, the refusal of the WW2 Allies command to bomb Nazi death camps (at least the buildings / gas-chambers), despite continues requests from the American Jewish leadership, Taught the Jews an important lesson: never trust others to protect you.


    The Spectator compares Corbin’s situation to the Willie Horton incident that helped knock off Dukakis and asks: “How many Willie Hortons does Jeremy Corbyn have?” The answer:

    An astonishing number. Not just ISIS, not just his support for an inquiry into supposed Jewish influence on government decisions, not just the platforms he’s shared with a remarkable number of unsavoury types. Not just his suggestion Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. Not just his willingness to blame Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine on NATO. Not just his instinctive support for anyone opposed to anything proposed by either the United States or the United Kingdom. Not even just his suggestion, in 2013, that Argentina be permitted a say in the governance of the Falkland Islands. Not just these things, but all or any of them.

    Exactly like Obama. The key difference is the latter lied to us by concealing his extreme intentions for appeasing Khamenei and Assad and supporting genocide in Syria until after getting our votes.

    Michael Weiss reports: “apparently Jeremy Corbyn, believes Russia’s “evidence” of rebel sarin gas use.”

    In that case I’m sure he believes Russia had nothing to do with shooting down a Dutch passenger plane. It was the Ukrainians who did it. The guys hatred of the West and mea culpa attitude causes him to believe everything so long as it is an-Amererican, anti-West and promoted by fascist regimes. In that respect he resembles the Chicago minister who mesmerized Obama for so long.



    Excerpt: Hell Cannons emerged initially as a small project of a single group, used to shell a hostile area and have grown to become as versatile and widely used as any other piece of artillery or indirect fire weapon used in the Syrian conflict, presenting a serious threat for Syrian military forces to confront and defeat.


    IS VBIED hits the western axis of Kweires Airbase, intense clashes with SAA as #SyAAF begin bombing the surrounding areas.–Eye on Militant

  9. Interesting development:

    #Lebanon: 1) IDF airstrikes targeted Hezbollah positions today in Jroud Tfail near Asal al-Ward (Syria) & Jroud Baalbak – Paradoxy13

    2) IDF jets over southern Syria about an hour ago. – Paradoxy 13

    So it seems the Israelis are becoming more overtly involved in the Syrian civil war because of the Hezbollah connection. Now all we need is the Syrian airforce to do something stupid and we might just get the Israelis to create NFZ in southern Syria. If, and that’s a big if, that does happen questions will be raised why US hasn’t been more forthcoming in creating something in northern Syria.

    #Hama: FSA brigade.6 captured Hasariyah village 3 days ago in north Hama, west of Lataminah – Bosnosinj

    notaspy asks an interesting question: why shouldn’t Erdogan engage in hybrid warfare (e.g. loan out to rebels skilled technicians from the Turkish army to rebel militias) in northern Syria like Putin does in Ukraine? What’s good for the goose gotta be good for that gander no?

    Why does notaspy make this comment? Apparently Ahrar is quite popular with Turks

    “The main group being watched closely by German intelligence for some time is the Ahrar al-Sham, a Turkey-backed group that has attracted more Turks to its ranks than any other radical group fighting in Syria. After intense pressure from NATO allies, Islamists in Turkey have by and large scaled down their support to al-Nusra since the summer of 2014 in favor of trying to prop up the Ahrar al-Sham as the main fighting force against al-Assad’s regime. Erdoğan unsuccessfully tried to convince allies that the anti-ISIL battle should include support for the Ahrar al-Sham, which Turkey’s Islamists described as moderate.”

    • Re: “What’s good for the goose gotta be good for the gander.”

      Obama’s rich pro-Bad Guy bias is so apparent in his total willingness to allow Putin, Khamenei and proxies to supply large amounts of ammo, equipment and men to Assad while begruding the rebels so much as a slingshot. Notice how he wouldn’t even alllow thieir homes and families so much as an NFZ which he could have done easily. All the Bad Guys do is target civilians and Obama and Ben Rhodes seem to get off of on that.

      What a contemptible, cheap ass character we have in the White House. For the bad guys he really is “Mr. Bend Over,” the Friend of Fascism and Genocide.

  10. North Korea is threatening war with the south because they are blasting audio anti dear leader propaganda because 2 south soldiers where killed by a north planted mine.

    So what should the south do? Well I would tell the north that if they kill so much as on southerner all fire power will be directed at Pyongyang and residences of generals and party members across the north. As well as government buildings in the other cities.

    Because it’s general Stanley McCrystle clear that the regime dose not care about the peasant conscripts that make up the bulk of the norths army and would gladly let them die so can keep the high life. But they may not be so gutsy when they are the ones at risk of becoming scorch marks on the ground!

    But no doubt Barry is begging the south to give in to the fat wee tyrants demands. After all his dad is the mullahs role modle of make nuclear deal then break said deal by building atom bombs anyway.

    • Yeah, it’s Obamma’s fault. Everything’s Obama’s fault.

      Never mind that North Korea’s pulled this shit every few years for the last fifty years.

      It must be Obama”s fault.

      • I never said it was Barry’s fault, I do however speculate that he will/is hoping/encouraging that the south will turn off the propaganda radios on the DMZ, given. the man’s past discount that is not a possibility?

        But do you agree with me that the. South should tell the north if they attack them the south main priority will be to level Pyongyang-where the ruling 1% live, since should scare them of pulling anything.


    Two of the three injured victims are in critical condition. Lots more could have been killed given that potential victims were on a high-speed train with nowhere to go. The guy had quite an armory according to photos. A well-known French actor. one of the three wounded, raised the alarm as the train was traveling through Belgium. Sounds like a movie plot.

    If only Obama hadn’t stuck to a “Do Nothing Position” and telling us “a stitch in time never saves nine,” ISIS and radicalism would never have gotten so far, Kayla Muller would have been alive and unraped, Syrian would be mainly intact, etc. Obama has made things so much worse for the world than when he began his second term.

    Thanks to fatal and inflexible choices(to which he sticks even now) that we can expect endless attacks like this. It was Obama’s choice to allow the “JV team” as he called ISIS, to grow and spread its wings everywhere. In his way, Obama helped father ISIS.


      Fierce clashes continue as Regime wants to fight its way from Safira to Kwieris airbase in East Aleppo…1200 fighters are besieged in Kwiaris airbase since late 2012. Most of them Alawite cadets training in the airforce academy in the airbase. Many of those involved in the offensive came from Al Safira, 20 km to the south where,unitl recently, 1,000 fighters were chareged with protecting the defense plants. If those troops are done, Al Safira must be lightly defended. Assuming the area is accessible the downside of that for the rebels is that the regime troops fighting ISIS would need to turn around and fight the rebels instead in which case those fighters might be worse off of all it ISIS were to hit their rear.

      The regime recaptured the area after its ISIS allies withdrew from the area two years ago and allowed large reinforcements to occupy it. Similarly it teamed up with ISIS to drive more numerous but poorly armed rebels in Deir Ezzor while Obama watched and did nothing. Getting the rebels out of Deir Ezzor was exactly what ISIS needed for its hugely successful invasion of Iraq and capture of Mosul afterwards. That in turn left ISIS so strong and well equiped it was able to double cross Assad and take D-17 and Tabqa, massacring regime troops who surrendered in a dose of their own medicine.



      ore reports that #IS deputy leader Fadel Ahmed Abdullah al-Hiyali (Abu Muslim al-Turkmani) killed in #Mosul strike–Charles Lister.

  12. @James

    Veterans Today beats them all, though:

    …It turns out that the first group of Aliens the USG signed a treaty with are controlled by evil, deceptive liars and Cosmic Parasites.

    Some of the members of Majestic-12 began to believe that the Alien ET group a treaty had been signed with was intrinsically deceptive, evil and had an Alien Agenda behind it. But the USG entered into this first treaty made in the early 1950’s in order to acquire Alien ET technology. But they had to allow the Alien ETs access to humans for taking blood and tissue samples for genetic analysis and gene-splicing. Apparently their race was slowly dying of decrepit genes and they wanted to use human genes to re-engineer and repair their race and to gene-splice their own new race of trans-humans slaves for their god Lucifer.

    Some members of Majestic-12 came to believe that this Alien Agenda was basically evil. And they somehow had learned that it consisted of an intent to Terra-Form the Earth, drastically reduce the Earth’s population by 90%, and repopulate the Earth with their own Alien ET species after repairing it along with a new gene-spliced creation of trans-human android/slavess created by them to worship and serve them.

    Some have identified this Alien Force as the Dracos, the Reptilians, aka the Order of the Snake and they have their own race of android “Greys” servants that they created through gene-splicing . If reports that have leaked out are correct, these Dracos have been functioning for many centuries as a powerful Evil Cosmic Parasites, are inter-dimensional, are male, can assume the Flesh, and can breed with human women.

    Some believe these Dracos (Reptoids) are fallen angels that sinned against God Almighty and in leaving their rightful abode to come to Earth to breed with human females, gave up their immortality as spirit being and became “the Fallen Ones” or the accursed ones awaiting final Judgment and destruction from God Almighty, Master Creator of the Universe. It is also believed that these Dracos hate Humans because of their impending Judgment and final destruction for leaving their rightful abode and breeding into the Human Race.

    And it is believed by some that these Dracos have invaded Planet Earth and hijacked its structures of government by “raising up” and “anointing” certain bloodlines to serve their needs. In exchange these anointed “World Rulers” are given vast power, riches, status and wealth beyond imagination as long as they keep “feeding the monsters”. Some believe that the Dracos are actually inter-dimensional “Fallen Angels” aka the “Fallen Ones” whose main concern is to serve their god Lucifer and attain his agenda, which is what some Majestic-12 members believe is an Alien Agenda.

    For those that think there is no such thing as Alien ETs or their anti-gravity craft, here is a very unique and quite convincing video of a man that has no reason to lie.

  13. U.S. Told Ukraine to Stand Down as Putin Invaded:

    “As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces took over Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in early 2014, the interim Ukrainian government was debating whether or not to fight back against the “little green men” Russia had deployed. But the message from the Barack Obama administration was clear: avoid military confrontation with Moscow.”

    “Looking back today, many experts and officials point to the decision not to stand and fight in Crimea as the beginning of a Ukraine policy based on the assumption that avoiding conflict with Moscow would temper Putin’s aggression. But that was a miscalculation. Almost two years later, Crimea is all but forgotten, Russian-backed separatist forces are in control of two large Ukrainian provinces, and the shaky cease-fire between the two sides is in danger of collapsing.”

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