• This article from a no-name web-rag has already been debunked.

      By the way, VEVAK (Ministry of National Intelligence and Security) is the acronym for the murderous Islamic Iran secret police.

  1. Why should anybody in Syria believe one word of anything Obama says? He said he would arm the rebels months ago. It still hasn’t happened. He drew a self imposed red line that he said would be enforced. It hasn’t happened despite his acknowledgement that the red line has been crossed several times.

  2. The UN inspectors had the authority to investigate if CW were used but not to say which party had used them.
    However,the use of CW by the rebels remains a strong possibility because the government has simply nothing to gain by using them.

    • The assad regime is known to have a large CW stockpile and the expertise to use them.
      The freedom fighters are NOT known to posess these weapons.
      The assad regime has been unable to defeat the freedom fighters in the Damascus suburbs using indiscriminate artillery bombing and airstrikes.
      In a desperate move the assad regime resorted to use gas on his own people.
      assad’s regime had a lot to gain. Unfortunately 1429 innocent Syrians died and thousands were injured.

      • Can you be more specific (make a list) what Assad had to gain using chemical weapons on his own women and children?
        PS If you need more feed I can make you a list what opposition had to gain by gassing people.

        • I don’t know how I can be more specific. assad and his pals having failed to dislodge the freedom fighters from the Damascus suburbs with conventional weapons resorted to using poison gas without any regard to the innocent civilians living in these areas.
          The fact remains assad murdered 1429 innocent Syrians while they slept.
          PS are you sure you want to continue apologizing for this evil POS dictator.

          • British PM said there were about 300 casualties…
            A lot of countries and people around the world are skeptical about the veracity of the story.
            I personally believe it’s a unfortunate and lame melodrama set up by evil part of the opposition and it’s backers.
            I won’t debate any further on the subject because you failed to proof your claims.

          • Don’t waste your time. It doesn’t matter how much evidence the US is able to find. Some people are determined to use Iraq as an excuse to ignore a horrific chemical attack or they are just outright supporters of Assad. And then there are the holier than thou anti-war types who defend dictators at every turn while saying absolutely nothing about their brutality. If others want to ignore the worst chemical strike in 25 years then that is their business, but they have no moral highground to lecture the US about anything while they ignore or shamelessly deny other atrocities. Can you even imagine what they’d say if Israel or the US had slaughtered over a hundred thousand Syrians? They are among the most hypocritical bunch on Earth while simultaneously having a smug “holier than thou” attitude that makes me sick. They think they are so clever, but they can’t see what is right in front of their face.

    • The government had nothing to gain by starting the war in the first place, using absurdly excessive levels of violence. But that didn’t stop them, any more than it stopped Saddam gassing the Kurds.

      What a reasonable or decent person might do is irrelevant.

      • Wrong: Chemical weapons use by the Saddam’s regime against Kurdish rebels and Iranian troops effectively prevented its defeat. Of course, he was supported by the U.S and the U.K so he had nothing to worry about.

    • Wrong Bute – the Syrian government is on a back foot losing towns and military bases in the north and south for a good while now. Its slaughters against Eastern Ghouta, Jobar, Homs, Daraya, Duma, Daraa have stalled as Syrians put up fierce resistance to Assad, and he is running out of time.

      The use of CWs is very timely. If he does not show progress, his regime will implode.

  3. Where Politicized Intelligence Comes From

    “When one hears that policy-makers want not just intelligence on a particular subject but intelligence that supports a particular conclusion about that subject, antennae ought to go up. A “quest” for conclusion-bolstering material is fundamentally different from an open-minded use of intelligence to inform policy decisions yet to be made. It is instead a matter of making a public (and Congressional) case to support a decision already made.”

    • The evidence is there in front of his face if he’d take the time to look at it objectively with logic or just plain old common sense. Assad launched the worst chemical attack in 25 years. Period. Pretty much everybody agrees a chemical attack was launched. If it was the rebels I’d love to know how they stored and handled enough chemical weaponry to use in a large scale assault at several different locations simultaneously. It’s a joke. Syria, Russia, and Iran have all claimed it was the rebels. Well where in the world is their evidence? Why doesn’t Putin take it to the UN? They have nothing but shameless lies. I’m saddened to see so many people act as enablers for a brutal regime that just gassed his own people.

  4. The capture of the 81st armoured base, which is very large, is part of a major offensive in the Qalaboun Mountains northeast of Damascus near Lebanon. Today’s victory threatens to cut off Damascus in two ways–via the road north to Homs and westward into Lebanon. The latter should worry Hezbollah.

    Here’s a link to my Syria Roundup which is late today and still won’t appear until approved. There are quite a few smaller but interesting develpments covered.


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