1. Fundamentalist woman joins Rouhani cabinet
    Shahrzad News
    The absence of women in Hassan Rouhani’s proposed cabinet has provoked widespread criticism of the newly-elected president from women’s right activists. They accuse him of sexual discrimination and demand a greater role for women in Iranian social and political life.

    Former MP Elahe Koulayi reacted by telling the ISNA news agency that the absence of a woman in the cabinet “sends a very negative message. More than anything else, our society needs to develop towards one based on equal participation and opportunity.” Meanwhile journalist and women’s rights activist Parastoo Sarmadi told the agency: “Hopes of achieving our rights under the Rouhani administration have been dampened. The absence of women in his cabinet makes us question the honesty of his pre-election slogans.” The same agency however reports that Rouhani has appointed Ms Elham Aminzadeh – a religious conservative – as deputy for legal affairs.

    More: http://www.shahrzadnews.org/index.php?page=2&articleId=3930&Language=en

  2. Iran’s Leader Reduces Posts of Military Elite

    “Iran’s new president, Hasan Rouhani, moved to significantly reduce the presence of the country’s elite military unit, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in Tehran’s next government—a trend U.S. and European officials cautiously take as a hopeful sign for international efforts to contain Iran’s nuclear program.”

    I don’t think Jay Solomon of the WSJ gets it! Khamenei is using the ‘moderate’ Rouhani to push back IRGC and show who is the boss and the reduction of IRGC’s footprint in the cabinet will have no effect on the ‘international efforts to contain Iran’s nuclear program’.


  3. Iran: Rivers run dry as state squanders cash on nuclear weapons, terrorism


    The disappearance of perennial rivers that flow all year – including the Zayanderud River in the Central Iranian Plateau – is throwing the livelihood of farmers into crisis, the state-run Mehr News Agency said.

    The agency added: “The drying up of the Zayanderud is a disaster for farmers, whose crops have already been hit by large-scale agricultural water loss across the country.”

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