Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy with US counterpart Joe Biden in Washington, September 21, 2023 (Reuters)

EA on UK Radio and TV: Can Democrats Replace Biden For November’s Election?

EA-Times Radio Special: Defeating Putin — Ukraine, the EU, and Russia’s Offensive


In an 8-minute analysis, I continued the discussion of Joe Biden, the US Presidential election, and the NATO Summit with Jonathan Healy on Dublin NewsTalk on Thursday.

One of the problems, if Biden stays in this race, is that it takes all of the attention away from Trump and his issues.

Set aside for the moment Trump’s criminal behavior and his character. He took a cognitive ability test when he was in office at the end of 2019. He has serious issues with his own recollections, let alone his propensity not to tell the truth.

But as long as Joe Biden is standing, the media is going to focus on only one of the two candidates.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: In a 16-minute analysis, I joined RTE Radio 1’s Claire Byrne on Tuesday for a discussion of US President Joe Biden and the 2024 election, this week’s NATO Summit in Washington, and the support of Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s 28 1/2-month invasion.

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We begin with the pressure on Biden to step aside from the campaign, given that the issue of his fitness is likely to usher the wannabe-autocrat Donald Trump into the White House, and the possible replacement as the Democratic nominee.

The Democrats don’t have the luxury of time. They need Biden to step aside so they can establish a replacement candidate: his or her character, profile, policies, and especially the countering of the lies told by Donald Trump day after day.

Then I turn to NATO and its high-profile deliberations on how to maintain Ukrainian resistance against Vladimir Putin’s gamble to overrun Kyiv and break up the bloc — 30 nations when he launched the invasion in February 2022, and 32 with the addition of Finland and Sweden since then.

I bring all these issues together by examining how Putin’s last home for his assault may be a second Trump term as President — and how NATO, the US, and other countries are pursuing safeguards for this scenario.