Donald Trump as he hears his conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in a Manhattan courtroom, May 30, 2024

EA on International Media: The Conviction of Donald John Trump on 34 Felony Counts

How do you counter the lies and disinformation of convicted felon Donald Trump?

I was given the opportunity on a panel for Ireland’s Tonight Show on Thursday, alongside the Business Post’s Marion McKeone, Trumpist activist Greg Swenson, and University of Galway law lecturer Larry Donnelly.

Watch Discussion from 11:17

I begin with a gentle pushback of the framing of the program, telling host Claire Brock, “A polite request: stop using the phrase ‘witch hunt’. Stop using the phrase ‘stitched up’. Stop using phrases that demonize the US legal system.”

Then, citing the facts behind the 34 felony convictions of Trump over his payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels, I pre-empt Swenson’s propaganda lines.

In a moment, Greg Swenson is going to try and tear down the judge, tear down the District Attorney’s office. He’s going to falsely say that the Justice Department interfered in this case.

When Swenson pursues the smears and disinformation anyway, attacking Judge Juan I am quick to call him out. That leads to a spirited exchange exposing the lack of evidence for his claims.

McKeone also lays out the essential points, concluding: “The judicial process worked.”

Swenson is also sharply rebuffed with the facts when he parrots Trump’s propaganda of intimidation that “if you prosecute me, it will only make me stronger”.

I summarize:

Why would some people continue to carry water for a convicted felon? Why would they excuse the actions of a man who has also been found guilty of sexual assault, fraud, and defamation?

Why would they continue to spread disinformation and misinformation to defend a man who tried to overturn the 2020 election and who tried to incite an invasion of the US Capitol so he could stay in office?