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David Dunn and I joined international media on Friday to analyze the conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

The falsification was to cover up the $130,000 payoff in October 2016 to adult film star Stormy Daniels over a sexual encounter with Trump a decade earlier. The prosecution argued that the “hush money” constituted interference in the Presidential elections, less than two weeks before the vote.

David and I evaluate the trial and the verdict. We emphasize the need to uphold the legal system in the face of attempts by Trump and his allies to denigrate the judge, the judge’s family, prosecutors, the jury, and the witnesses.

And we explain why it is vital, in the following days, that the media not be led by Trump into political distortion and manipulation to bury the legal process — thus giving the felon an advantage for November’s election.

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Alongside Monocle correspondent Chris Cermak, I speak with Emma Nelson about the legal and political dimensions of the conviction, emphasizing the need to keep focus on the facts.

What happens now? In part, that’s up to the media and whether it’s going to be responsible.

There are a number of important issues at home and abroad beyond Donald Trump’s accountability and conviction. This is a vital point for America and the world.

If the media is led by the nose, that is Trump’s game. So focus on the legal facts.

In other words, do your damn job. Question and call out those who divert, deviate, and try to bury this process.

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EA correspondent David Dunn, of the University of Birmingham, maintains the focus on the “compelling” case put by the prosecution and the “stunning” result by the unanimous verdict of the jury.

David also notes that this was considered by legal analysts to be the weakest of the four criminal trials which Trump faces this year.

One of the major parties in America says this process is illegitimate. Not content with undermining confidence and faith in the electoral system by denying the results of the 2020 election, that party embraces idea that this was a political trial and a conspiracy which was rigged.

That is deeply problematic.

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A spirited conversation with Henry Bonsu, knocking back Trump’s disinformation and attacks — and calling out the outlets who do not do so:

You know the greatest service that the media can provide? Stop quoting Donald Trump when he spews insults and falsehoods, when he makes statements with no regard to the facts.

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David sets out the key issues to Jeremy Vine and deals with the distractions of Trumpist Jan Halper-Hayes.

What we see here is an independent judiciary reaching a verdict without fear or favor.

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I speak further with Sarah Julian about the consequences of the conviction and whether the US system can protect itself against Trump’s attacks.