President Joe Biden speaks in Brownsville, Texas, February 29, 2024

After Joe Biden and Donald Trump both made campaign stops in Texas, I joined Monocle Radio’s Emma Nelson on Friday to analyze immigration and the US-Mexico border — and the facts v. fiction on the issue.

Listen from 13:16:

I set out the reasons behind the movement of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, amid a record number of displaced around the world and across Latin America. I explain how the surge across the US-Mexico border began during the Trump Administration, exacerbated by Trump’s dismantling of an effective system to handle cases. I talk about the exploitation of migrants and asylum seekers by Republican governors like Texas’s Greg Abbott.

And I consider whether any of those facts will matter amid Trump’s “white noise” and lies in the 2024 Presidential campaign.

Shouting about immigration is easy. Dealing with the problem is a lot harder.