I joined Dublin NewsTalk’s Pat Kenny Show to analyze the latest US responses over Israel’s mass killing in Gaza, and whether the Biden Administration will finally put pressure on the Netanyahu War Cabinet for a ceasefire.

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I examine the Biden Administration’s sanctions on four Israeli settlers over their violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. While it may be a “shot across the bows” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it will minimal if any effect on Gaza. Instead, the US is seeking to prevent the situation in the West Bank — where hundreds of Palestinians have been slain since October 7 — from spiralling downwards, further eroding any legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority.

There are intense negotiations for a ceasefire, with a proposal — from the US, Qatar, and Egypt’s discussions with Israel — presented to Gaza’s Hamas. But I explain the two very high obstacles: 1) Hamas is seeking a permanent ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli forces, not just a “pause”; and 2) Netanyahu will be in political and legal jeopardy the day that such a ceasefire takes effect.