Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdraws from the Republican Presidential contest, January 21, 2024 (Sky)

In a 45-minute Week in Review, I joined Times Radio’s Olly Mann to cover important developments in the US, Ukraine, and the Middle East; to look at the uncertain status of Vladimir Lenin in Vladimir Putin’s Russia — and to explain why using slang can be useful both in the classroom and on air.

Listen to Discussion from 2:05.00

I begin with the departure of Ron DeSantis from the US Republican Presidential race. While saying farewell to him and his hapless campaign, I refuse to follow much of the US media in anointing Donald Trump as the nominee. If Nikki Haley can top 40% in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, the media narrative might shift from a coronation to a contest — and even begin to give space and time to some of the important issues.

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As a report is published on the use of slang in UK schools, I have a lighter moment talking about my own negotiation of English, from the Southern US version to the one used in the UK’s Birmingham. Along the way, I get to use one of my favorite phrases from back home, “You dance with who brung ya.”

It’s back to critical global events, with an explanation of how Europe is mobilizing behind Ukraine’s ongoing resistance of the 23-month invasion and why Israel’s “open-ended” military assault on Gaza is unlikely to end soon.

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We close with a glance at why Vladimir Lenin, still in his mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square 100 years after his death, may be disappearing from view in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.