Men carry wounded children following an Israeli strike on a house in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, December 1, 2023 (Hatem Khaled/Reuters)

In a 40-minute review of the week, I joined Times Radio’s Henry Bonsu early Sunday to analyze the significance of singer Shane McGowan, the resumption of Israel’s mass killing in Gaza, the COP28 summit on climate change, and the issue of music and free speech.

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The death of McGowan on Thursday leads to a chat about his place in Irish musical culture and why that culture has resonated around the world.

Then I evaluate the decision of Israel’s War Cabinet to resume attacks on Friday after a week-long “humanitarian pause”, taking apart the propaganda that — having killed at least 16,000 people since October 7, about 70% of them women and children — the offensive is “protecting civilians”.

EA on BBC: After The Hostage Exchanges, Will Israel Resume Mass Killing in Gaza?

I look at both the possibilities and the obstacles in dealing with climate change, calling out UAE’s rulers and the UK Government for undermining the effort.

Using the racketeering trial of rapper Young Thug as a starting point, I take apart both simplistic denunciations of lyrics and the posture that “free speech” is absolute.