Altitude workers install a restored cross on a dome of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine, December 21, 2023 (Evgeniy Maloletka/AP)

Ukraine War, Day 672: Another Russian Warship is Destroyed

I joined India’s WION TV and the UK’s Talk TV on Wednesday to set out the status of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, pushing back both the Kremlin’s propaganda and incomplete and distorted media proclamations of “stalemate”.

The analysis considers the battlefield frontlines. However, it also looks at other military dimensions, notably Ukraine’s strikes far behind the frontlines on Russian warships, bases, bridges and supply and logistics lines; Moscow’s failure in the Black Sea; the economic and financial dimensions; and the reinvigorated European Union and NATO.

It concludes over the risk to Kyiv: having lost his battlefield war, his food war, his energy war, Putin might still win his “propaganda war” to break international support for Ukraine’s resistance.

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