Buildings destroyed by Israeli attacks on the north of the Gaza Strip (Shutterstock)

EA on RTE: Israel Attacks UN Over Guterres’ Gaza Remarks

As Israel launches its ground offensive into Gaza with raids and the cutoff of communications, accompanying three weeks of intensive bombing that have followed Hamas’s mass killings inside Israeli territory, Jane Kinninmont and I spoke with BBC Radio Scotland on Saturday morning.

We analyze the latest Israeli steps, the response of the international community, and the diminishing hope for humanitarian aid rather than more killing of the civilians of Gaza.

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When Israel cuts off communications, it is not only foreshadowing the ground offensive, it is preventing any consideration of the humanitarian aid that is necessary for 2.3 million people in that besieged strip of land….

International leaders have been saying this behind closed doors, but at the end of the day, if the Isreali leadership don’t want to listen, this only goes one way — the way of more violence and killing.