Eyeless in Gaza: Have We Lost Our Morality Over Graphic Pictures of Israel-Hamas Violence?

EA on International Media: Will Israel Launch Ground Invasion of Gaza?

I joined Lindsey Hilsum of the UK’s Channel 4 and Politico’s Suzanne Lynch on Ireland’s RTE Radio 1 on Thursday to analyze the latest in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

We consider the ongoing possibility of an Israeli ground offensive. We focus on whether the European Union can limit attacks and help arrange humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

And I explain why Israel’s officials and diplomats are attacking UN Secretary General António Guterres, calling for his resignation and blocking visits by UN staff — simply because Guterres said the current cycle of violence could not be considered “in a vacuum”.

I also analyze why the Security Council is likely to remain paralyzed by power politics.

That is why the European Union summit is important, to confirm a unified call for an extended humanitarian pause.

If you get action by the international community, even as the Security Council bickers, then you have some movement. If you do that, then there is a small window to separate Gaza’s civilians from Hamas.

Listen to Discussion, with my contribution from 14:29: