I joined Dublin NewsTalk’s Pat Kenny NewsTalk on Wednesday to analyze Donald Trump’s liability for fraud, following a ruling by New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engeron.

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Engeron, who will preside over the civil case in which New York State is seeking $250 million in damages from Trump, issued a general finding that Trump and the Trump Organization had inflated the value of buildings, property, and other holdings to defraud banks and insurance companies.

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I explain the case, the ruling, and the potential consequences, including the dissolution of Trump’s properties and a prohibition on the Trump Organization from doing business in New York State.

I discuss the revelations of Gen. Mark Milley, about Trump’s mocking of veterans, including disabled troops. and the real story behind Trump’s allegation that Milley could be tried for “treason”.

And I conclude with a reflection on an American political atmosphere in which Trump could still re-elected.

Do people buy into the circus? Do they buy into Trump as the ringmaster?

No matter how vile the ringmaster may be, no matter how tainted, even if he is a criminal convicted of multiple felonies — do they want the circus to continue?

If they choose that circus, all the economic issues that matter, all the social issues, all the cultural issues, even American democracy: they could be at risk because people munch the popcorn while the country goes from crisis to crisis.