Detonation of a tunnel bomb under an Assad regime military position in southern Idlib Province in northwest Syria, August 26, 2023

At least 11 Assad regime troops have reportedly been killed and 20 wounded by a tunnel bomb in northwest Syria.

Explosives placed below regime army positions in southern Idlib Province, according to local reports. Attackers then charged the troops from other tunnels, with snipers and heavy artillery also firing on the soldiers.

Most of the casualties were from the 5th Corps Special Tasks’ Commandos, a unit trained by the Russian military.

The killing is being attributed to the Islamist anti-Assad faction Ansar al-Tawhid.

The Assad regime and its media outlets did not report the attack. However, two children — a brother and sister — were killed and five other civilians were killed in retaliatory strikes on the village of Kansafra.