Leaders of the G7 countries, including Germany’s Angela Merkel, face Donald Trump at their summit, Charlevoix, Canada, June 9, 2018

How do other Governments prepare for the “global catastrophe” — in the words of former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen — of a second Donald Trump Presidency?

Given that Trump can continue his campaign, even if he is convicted on any of the 78 felony counts in three indictments — and the imminent prospect of a fourth set — I discuss the preparations and the issues with Philip Boucher-Hayes on Ireland’s RTE Radio 1.

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We begin with the likelihood that Trump — who blackmailed Ukraine in 2019 with a cutoff of military aid “because it would not dish dirt on Joe Biden” — will withdraw support against the Russian invasion.

We consider a possible Trump departure from NATO and disruption of the European Union, his unpredictable approach to China, and undiluted support for the Netanyahu Government in Israel.

Here’s the general rule for any ally of the US. To be an ally of Donald Trump is not a question of being a partner. You have to bend the knee before him and treat him as your master.

I conclude with a look at how Ireland, Europe, and other areas can maintain a semblance of order even as Trump threatens to break it apart.

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