The gallows set up by supporters of Donald Trump outside the US Capitol, January 6, 2021 ((Shay Horse/NurPhoto/Getty)


David Dunn joins The News Agents podcast to talk about Donald Trump’s tactics to escape accountability, through disinformation and diversions, amid three indictments and 78 felony counts.

There’s no hint of irony when he accuses the Democratic Party and the Justice Department of interfering in the election — ignoring that he is charged with interfering in the election.

And on the damage to the Republican Party:

Trump has hijacked the Republican Party. The party has failed to eject this irritant from its midst, and in the end has endorsed him wholeheartedly….

The party’s ideology and its history of defending American institutions has been hijacked by a cult-like personality with a cult-like following.

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I joined BBC Radio Scotland on Friday morning set out the fundmental contest — both in the alleged crimes of Donald Trump and in his response to the charges — between his latest indictment and the US legal system, democracy, and society.

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People aren’t sure what they know. When the facts of the legal process are set out — and we’ve seen this in cases with Trump’s businesses, civil cases against him including his conviction for sexual assault, and all the criminal cases — he will try to steal the news cycle with disinformation and falsehoods.

If I have five cents for every time Trump shouted “Witch Hunt!” in the last eight years, I’d be a multi-millionaire.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, AUG 3: David Dunn and I appeared throughout Wednesday on international and radio TV outlets to analyze the latest indictment of Donald Trump — this time, four felony counts over his attempted coup to overturn the 2020 election and remain in the White House.

We explain the evidence and legal reasoning in the 45-page indictment, and consider the significance for Trump, the 2024 Presidential election, and the fate of the US system and democracy.

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Along the way, we knock back the Trumpist attempt to obscure the charges and discredit the legal system through disinformation, lies, and diversion.

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I explain to Matt Chorley:

This is the most serious threat to the American system in my lifetime — not because of one man named Donald Trump but because of a number of folks who are saying, “Our judicial system doesn’t matter. The correct operation of our political system doesn’t matter. A decent American society doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you scream ‘Witch Hunt!’ and everybody should jump to that.”

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David Dunn explains to the Turkish outlet why the charges are so consequential for the future of the US political system and society.

Large sections of the American population and the Republican Party are supporting Trump rather than the legal process.This is divisive and problematic for America’s democracy and trust in its legal system.

David also sets out the basics to GB News:

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An extract from my summary for GB News:

Trumpists won’t want people to stick with the facts and with the legal case. They’ll want to play politics with you.

So let’s set out the facts.

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I joined Good Morning Ireland to explain the four-stage Trump plot to overturn the 2020 election.

The fundamental is that on November 3, 2020, Donald Trump knew he had lost the election to Joe Biden, knew that he had failed to hold onto the White House.

But he then spent the next 2 1/2 months putting out false claims to the point where on January 6, 2021, he called on his supporters to march on the US Capitol and block the certification of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

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I explain why Trump can continue his Presidential campaign while he is indicted or even if he is convicted.

Where we will be on unprecedented ground is if Donald Trump in January 2025 has won the election but is either in prison or facing prison.

Will he be disqualified from office if he is behind bars?

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I joined Jennifer Zamparelli for a Beginner’s Guide to the charges against Trump, the next steps in the legal proceedings, and whether a President Trump could pardon himself in 2025.

The paramount consideriation is that the political process must not prejudice the legal process. It must not put its thumb on the scales of justice.

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I spoke with the South African outlet about Trump’s tactics trying to avoid prison, and dealing with his diversion and disinformation to concentrate on the facts of the indictment.

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Finally, some Trumpist black comedy….

I joined BBC Talkback and host William Crawley, only to encounter the fact-free hyperbole, disinformation, and conspiracy theories of a Republicans Overseas member named Erol Morkoc.

I cleaned up the mess by setting out the legal and political facts, but much of the conversation was taken up by Crawley calling out Morkoc’s falsehoods — to the point where the activist said he would only stop supporting Trump if the candidate shot someone in the head.