Donald Trump and Hunter Biden (Reuters and Getty)

I joined the right-wing outlet GB News to control the narrative — if only for 9 minutes — over the legal cases of both Hunter Biden and Donald Trump.

Anticipating an attempt to use Biden’s case to distract from Trump’s 3-soon-to-be-4 sets of indictments — and to sling disinformation at Joe Biden amid the 2024 Presidential campaign — I begin with the facts about the tax and gun cases.

Then I turn to Trump’s cases, from interference in the 2016 election to theft of classified documents to the attempt to overturn the 2020 election, to knock back the claim that this is just “political tit for tat”. Instead, it is a question of legal accountability, “whether the last name is Biden, Trump, or Lucas”.

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By the end of the conversation, the GB hosts — who, minutes earlier, had besmirched asylum seekers trying to reach the UK — are agreeing that issues such as women’s rights, LBGT rights, migrants’ rights, housing, education, and health care are paramount.