As Ron DeSantis (pictured) prepares the formal launch of his Presidential cmapaign, I joined Monocle Radio’s Emma Nelson on Friday to analyze the Florida governor’s “culture wars” tactics which have damaged and divided his state and could do the same across the US.

Looking at cases from “Don’t Say Gay” to the assault on Disney to the banning of books in schools, such as The Bluest Eye by Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison, I explain DeSantis’s wannabe autocracy based on the demonizing of others.

Listen to Discussion from 13:16

DeSantis doesn’t have much of an economic platform for the nation. He doesn’t have much of a foreign policy. He doesn’t have much to take America forward.

All he can do is take America back, whether it’s attacking women’s rights, attacking minorities, or attacking young people…..

America is supposed to be a land of diversity. It is supposed to be a land which is welcoming and tolerant.

But Ron DeSantis is saying, “What’s going to get me to the White House? Intolerance.”

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