Flames rise from Aleppo International Airport after a reported Israeli missile strike, March 7, 2023


Israeli warplanes carried out missile strikes on Assad regime targets in and near Damascus just before midnight on Sunday.

The strikes are the 17th set by Israel this year and the first since the regime was readmitted to the Arab League on May 7.

There are unconfirmed claims of injuries. The regime military put out its standard declaration that air defenses downed some of the missiles.


A lieutenant colonel in the Assad regime’s armed forces was reportedly one of three troops killed in Monday night’s Israeli strikes on the Nayrab military airport near Aleppo city.


Israel has fired missiles on Assad regime targets near Aleppo city in northwest Syria.

Regime military officials said the strikes were about midnight. One soldier was killed and seven people wounded, including five troops. Aleppo International Airport was closed.

They did not identify the targets, but local sources said the Israelis again attacked the Nayrab military airport and defense factories near al-Safirah, southeast of Aleppo.

Safirah is one of the centers of the regime’s production of conventional and chemical weapons.

The strikes are the seventh set by Israel in just over a month and the second in four days.


Israel fired missiles on Assad regime targets near Homs in northwest Syria before dawn on Saturday.

Regime military officials said three civilians were wounded in the strike, with a civilian petrol station catching fire and a number of tankers and trucks burned.

The missile assault is the first in three weeks, after Israel carried out five sets of strikes in 10 days.

However, Israel has twice a regime position in southern Syria, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, twice in recent days.

The Israel Defense Forces reportedly dropped pamphlets after the shelling, warning regime troops to stop cooperating with Lebanon’s Hezbollah.


Israel has carried out its fifth set of strikes in 10 days on Assad regime and Iranian positions inside Syria.

Israel carried out drone, artillery, and airstrikes on regime compounds, retaliating for six rockets launched from southern Syria at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and northern Israel on Saturday night and early Sunday.

The Israelis initially used drones and artillery to target rocket launchers. Then Israeli warplanes again fired missiles on regime positions near the capital Damascus, including a compound belonging to the regime’s Army 4th Division and radar and artillery posts.

No injuries or damage was reported from the six Syrian rockets. The Israeli Defense Forces said two fell short in Syria, one was intercepted, one landed in Jordan, and two landed in open areas in northern Israel.

Assad regime military officials said there was damage but no injuries from Israel’s retaliatory strikes.


Israeli warplanes have carried out their fourth airstrike inside Syria in five days.

The latest attacks were near Damascus about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Assad regime officials claimed two civilians were killed, but local sources indicated the Israelis again targeted regime military and Iranian positions at Damascus International Airport, an Iranian complex, and a factory in al-Kiswah.


Israeli warplanes have carried out their third attack in four days inside Syria, hitting Assad regime positions in Homs Province in the northwest of the country.

The regime’s Defense Ministry said at least five soldiers were wounded, in an attack at 12:35 a.m. by warplanes flying over Lebanon.

“Two Western intelligence sources” said the Israelis targeted the T4 airbase, west of the ancient city of Palmyra, and the al-Dabaa airport close to the Lebanese border.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah fighters are stationed at both airports.

The Guards said a second officer has died from Friday’s Israeli strikes south of Damascus.

Identifying him as Meghdad Mehghani, the Guards proclaimed, “Undoubtedly, the fake and criminal Zionist regime will receive a response to its heinous crime.”


The latest Israeli airstrike on Assad regime and Iranian positions in Syria has killed an officer of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The Guards acknowledged the death of Milad Heydari in the strike south of Damascus just after midnight Friday. They proclaimed, “The Zionist regime will undoubtedly receive a response to this crime.”

Assad regime officials told State news agency SANA that the “aggression” caused some material damage.

Local reports indicated that the Israelis again hit an arms depot for regime forces and Iran-backed militia. Saudi broadcaster Al Arabiya said the targets was microchips for missile guidance

The Israeli attack was the sixth in March and the second within 48 hours.


Assad regime officials report a fifth Israeli attack this month.

A military source said Israel launched missiles from the Golan Heights into the area of Syria’s capital Damascus, wounding two soldiers and causing “some material damage”.


Assad regime officials say an Israeli airstrike near the Aleppo airport in northwest Syria has caused “material damage” and again halted flights.

Two “regional intelligence sources” said the attack hit an Iranian arms depot at the nearby Nairab military airport, where missile systems delivered by several Iranian military planes are stored.

“Three Western intelligence sources” say Iran has increased deliveries in the past month, using the cover of cargo planes offloading relief aid after February’s earthquake across Turkey and northern Syria.

The strikes are the second near Aleppo airport this month and the third since August.


Assad regime media says Israel carried out rare daytime strikes on targets in northwestern Syria about 7:15 a.m. on Sunday.

A military official said three troops were injured amid “material damage”.

The strikes were on sites in the coastal Tartous Province and near Masyaf in Hama Province in northwest Syria.

The military did not acknowledge casualties, but a long-time observer said there were multiple injured, including a Lieutenant Colonel.

No specific targets were identified. However, the Scientific Studies and Research Center — the Assad regime’s organization for development of conventional and chemical weapons — is located near Masyaf.

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ORIGINAL ENTRY, MAR 7: Israel has reportedly struck Syria’s Aleppo International Airport in its latest missile attack on Assad regime and Iranian targets.

A regime military official said a runway was damaged early Tuesday morning, taking it out of service, by the “air attack from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, west of Latakia”.

The Transport Ministry said all scheduled flights are being rerouted to Damascus and Latakia.

Assad regime media did not refer to any military targets in Tuesday’s raid.

However, the airport hosts some of the regime’s advanced forces and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and the area also has facilities pursuing the development of conventional and chemical weapons.

Following standard practice, the Israel Defense Forces did not comment.

Israel has regularly struck the positions of the regime, Iran, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah since the Syrian uprising began in March 2011. The strikes have targeted Iran’s weapons supply to Hezbollah, and have expanded to support the demands of Israel’s politicians for an Iranian withdrawal from Syria.

On February 22, Israel targeted a meeting of Iranian and Assad regime officials, pursuing development of drone or missile capabilities, in Damascus.

A Syrian engineer and an Iranian official were reportedly among five people killed. Another 15 were wounded.

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Last month an Israeli strike, killing two regime troops, briefly put Damascus International Airport out of service.