Trump Indicted on Felony Charges Over “Hush Money” to Stormy Daniels


I joined the right-wing UK outlet GB News on Tuesday morning to keep focus on the facts of the indictment of Donald Trump — and to take apart the gaslighting and misinformation of Trump supporter Steve Gill.

Trump’s defenders will portray him as the victim. They will bully, they will attack the District Attorney, the grand jury, the prosecutors, and indeed the judge.

All should be held accountable and none should escape accountability by attacking the system trying to maintain law and order.


With Donald Trump’s indictment in a Manhattan court scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, I spoke this morning with Monocle 24’s Emma Nelson and Markus Hippi about the latest legal and political dynamics.

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For Trump and his allies, the entire legal system has to be taken down to protect him, which is part of the wider issue here.

You can either support the legal system to do its job or you can back Donald Trump against that system. There is no in-between.

At the end of the day, a legal system must have accountability and responsibility — but Trump doesn’t want accountability.


I also chatted with the Pat Kenny Show on Dublin NewsTalk on Friday morning about the legal and political dynamics.

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I explain the process of the grand jury, the indictment, and the trial, emphasizing:

You do not prejudice the legal system. When you invoke politics — “You can’t indict Trump because he is calling his supporters out onto the streets” or “This could help Trump win the election” — you’re putting your thumb on the scale.

This is a case where Donald Trump and his allies don’t want to heal. They thrive on division.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I spoke with international radio and TV outlets throughout Thursday and Friday about the indictment of Donald Trump on multiple felony charges — over his payoff of porn Stormy Daniels in October 2016, covering up their sexual encounters, and poossibly over his business and tax practices.

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About 90 minutes after Manhattan prosecutors filed the grand jury’s indictment, I spoke with Colin Murray to set out the case, the context, and the legal and political situation.

When the New York and Manhattan prosecutors obtained convictions of the Trump Organization last year on financial malpractice charges, it showed you could complete cases against Trump’s businesses and dented the idea that he is Teflon Guy.

He has escaped conviction on impeachment charges but his businesses have not escaped accountability and he personally escape accountability, despite all his attempts to throw mud on the wall and dust in our eyes.

In the midst of the conversation, Trump issued his social media response, leading us to discuss further his “gaslighting” tactics to avoid accountability.

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I joined BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine on Friday afternoon to focus on the legal facts and on the political “gaslighting” by Donald Trump and his allies.

Unwittingly the other guest — the hard-right UK politician Nigel Farage, a long-time Trump ally — proved my point with a rant against the US legal system and a portrayal of Trump as victim. Unable to support his claims with any evidence, Farage tries to distract by laughing as I set out the actual position.

This is not a “political prosecution”. This is not a “witch hunt”.

This is not about District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whom they try to tear down. This is not about the prosecutors, whom they try to tear down. This is not about the grand jury, whom they try to tear down.

So let’s ask Mr Trump and Mr Farage: “Do you uphold the US legal system to proceed, whether Trump is acquitted or convicted?”

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I chatted on Friday morning with Laura Maxwell about the significance of the case.

We have never had a former President charged with a criminal offense before, let alone a felony. We’ve never had a former President, who is running for the Presidency again, having been charged.

The issue of Trump v. the American system continues to be the greatest challenge for the US since 1865.

You either support the legal process or you support Trump’s attempt to quash it.