In a 50-minute special, I joined Times Radio’s Darryl Morris to analyze this week’s events across Europe and the Middle East — from political malfeasance in the UK to the Ukraine War to the Turkey-Syria earthquake to a discussion of British comedy and music.

Listen to Discussion from 2:06.42

I begin with the latest whiff of corruption around former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson — the appointment of the chair of the BBC, Richard Sharp, soon after he brokered a personal loan for Johnson.

That leads into a discussion of political pressure on the BBC, as I brush away the diversion that British comedy is a hostage of the “Left”.

I analyze the story that UK companies may soon be allowed to produce weapons and munitions in Ukraine, putting this within the wider context of Kyiv defending itself against the Russian invasion.

I consider the politics around aid in the Turkey-Syria earthquake, from the Assad regime’s attempt to cut off opposition-controlled northwest Syria to the effects on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s re-election bid.

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And finally, I indulge in an ad hoc review of Saturday night’s Brits music awards, hailing the high points — Harry Styles, Lizzo and Wet Leg included — and a bit of brightness amid a bleak UK landscape.