I joined a panel on India’s NDTV on Monday to evaluate US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv and the next phase of Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion.

I outline the significance of Biden’s show of US and international support for Ukraine in the current political and military situation — I knock back remarks that Vladimir Putin is succeeding in eroding that support as his invasion enters a second year.

Other panellists include Oleksiy Goncharenko, a member of Ukraine’s Parliament; Alexander Khara, a former advisor to the Ukrainian Foreign and Defense Ministries; Russian journalist Kzenia Kondratieva; political analyst Jonah Blank; former Indian Ambassador S.T. Devare; and Indian analyst Brahma Challaney.

President Zelenskiy has put forth a 10-point peace plan.

But let’s be clear. You cannot begin to negotiate until you end the Russian invasion and the Russian occupation.

When the last-ditch Russian offensive fails in the east, it is a question of whether Ukraine can liberate more territory occupied by the Russians, in the past year and in 2014.