Florida Governor DeSantis and the Republican-controlled legislature have stripped Disneyworld of its special tax status — a designation given to areas from senior citizen communities to the Daytona Superspeedway complex — limiting Disney’s finance and development.

I joined Monocle 24’s Tom Edwards on Friday to explain how DeSantis’s campaign against Disney is part of a wider assault on rights — whipping up a “culture war” against “liberals” and the “woke” — and of the governor’s ambition to become US President in 2024.

DeSantis has got an advantage. The right-wing attack press love him.

They love him because they are united by one thing: they don’t want to see a consensus in America. They don’t want to address problems at home and abroad. They want to turn this into an all-out war against Democrats, “liberals”, and pointy-headed academics like me.

Listen from 21:40:

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