I joined Times Radio’s Nadira Tudor on Tuesday morning to discuss the ongoing deceit of the UK Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured), amid the spike in Coronavirus from the Omicron variant.

Listen to Discussion from 7:54

I explain why — given his lying over 2020 Christmas parties at Downing Street, held while the UK was under Coronavirus restrictions — it is unlikely Johnson will risk any measures before this December 25.

However, will the Government act before December 31 as it is caught between the scientific experts who argue containment of Omicron is vital and the MPs from their own Conservative Party who oppose any limits?

Johnson is a wounded, crippled Prime Minister. And I suspect that the political calculations over his future will trump any calculation over whether we have restrictions, if not a lockdown.

And how much damage has the 21 months of mismanagement and corruption of the Government caused — and continues to cause?

It’s quite easy and quite right to criticize the Prime Minister and his Cabinet over what at times has been deception. At the same time, we do need measures, we do need vaccinations, we do need boosters.

The Government’s deception plays into the hands of the anti-vaxxers and those who are anti-mask because they say, “If you can’t trust the Government, you can’t trust anyone.”

Distrust of the Government leads to disinformation. A lot of it.