As a federal appeals court temporarily allowed Donald Trump to defy the House select committee on the Capitol attack, I spoke with ANews’s Andy Boyns on Friday afternoon.

The courts are ruling, “No, you can’t claim executive privilege when you’re out of office.

But Donald Trump doesn’t recognize the courts. He doesn’t recognize the rule of law. He’s trying to game the system, not just to avoid prison but because he wants to run for President in 2024.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, NOV 10: As more of Donald Trump’s aides are subpoenaed — and as a Federal judge rules that Trump has to turn over documents to a House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol — I spoke with London’s Monocle 24 and Austria’s Radio FM4 on Wednesday about the state of the battle between the inquiry and Trump’s attempt to bury it.

I explain the extent of Trump’s plans to prevent President Joe Biden from taking office, and I analyze the status of the legal and political maneuvers, with Trump ordering his former staff not to testify to the committee. I consider the consequences, in light of an “attempted coup” and of Trump hoping to run for President in 2024, for US democracy and its political system.

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Those key Trump officials: do they break ranks and unlock the door on how far this atttempted coup went?

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If the Trump camp throws enough mud of misinformation/disinformation and it sticks, the actual legal and political situation is obscured and even buried.

They did it with the Mueller Report on Trump-Russia. They did it with Trump’s attempt to get Ukraine to spread disinformation against Joe Biden. They did it with Trump’s claims of electoral fraud. And they will do it with the planning and discussions that led up to the Capitol Attack.

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