A man walks past a building destroyed by Israeli missiles in Gaza City, May 2021 (AFP)

I joined China Radio International in a Friday panel discussion to evaluate what must be done for long-term progress after the Israel-Gaza ceasefire.

The other panellists in the 50-minute discussion are Dr. He Wenping, Senior Research Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Dr. Wang Jin, Associate Professor at Northwest University in Xi’an, China.

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We look at the long-standing causes of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the proximate causes — Israeli evictions of Palestinians from East Jerusalem homes and clashes over Palestinian gatherings — of the 11 days of killing, with 95% of the victims on the Gazan side.

We consider the dynamics within both Israeli and Palestinian communities hindering any productive talks, and what might be done by the international community, including the US.

Biden Hails Israel-Hamas Ceasefire, Looks to Rebuilding of Gaza