Biden Administration and Chinese Government delegations in talks in Anchorage, Alaska, March 18, 2021 (Frederic J. Brown/AP)

I joined a panel on China Radio International on Friday to discuss the future of relations between the US, China, and other countries in Europe and Asia.

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The State-owned CRI framed the discussion with the provocative — and, I think, misleading — description “Biden is Building Anti-China Alliance”. However, the four panellists took the discussion in more productive areas concerning diplomacy, economics, military positions, and human rights.

By the end of the discussion, the two Chinese panellists — Prof. Zha Daojiong of Peking University and Prof. Xia Yafeng of Long Island University — were not only recognizing issues inside as well as outside China, but were calling on the Chinese leadership to reform its approach towards diplomacy.

The other panellist is Prof. Michael Desch of Notre Dame University.

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