Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Christian Hartmann/Reuters)

Leading economist Prof. Atilla Yeşilada joins World Unfiltered to discuss if 2021 is the year that Turkey falls into economic crisis.

His summary? “Every year brings the possibility of economic crisis.”

We discuss that possibility, in the context of Turkey’s internal economy, the prospect of tightening US sanctions, and the personality and actions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

3:30 Is this the year that Turkey faces an economic crisis?

US sanctions would be more than symbolic and Turkey would have balance of payments problems and a potential crisis.

In the other scenario, where Mr. Erdoğan becomes reasonable and pragmatic — which he does once a year — then we will have a very swift and large investment inflows which should stabilize the economy.

5:20: How will US sanctions affect Turkey?

8:40: Are the fundamentals of the Turkish economy strong?

11:30: Can the relationship between Turkey and US enter a new era of win-win?

15:20: Do you expect that President Erdoğan will restore his son in law to a senior position in the Government?

18:50: Is there any possibility of the Turkish economy turning East for improvement?

21:55: Is there any chance of a Turkish opening with Saudi, UAE and other Arab countries?

23:45: Do you think that President Erdoğan realizes that he has no leverage with China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia?

25:40: Can Turkey muddle through and get 5% domestic growth in 2021?