Margot Wallström, former Foreign Minister of Sweden, which adopted a “feminist foreign policy” in 2014

In Episode 2 of Deep Dive Politics’ World Unfiltered, I ask Professor Zeynep Alemdar — professor at Okan University in Istanbul and Founder of the Women in Foreign Policy Initiative — “What is a feminist foreign policy?” and “How can it make the world a better place?”

3:15 What is a Feminist Foreign Policy?

9:18 How do we rethink concepts like objectivity and power? 09.18-11.48

11:42 Does “soft power” fit this reconception of foreign policy? Or is it still a notion of power where men are predominant?

13:21 Can a man pursue a feminist foreign policy?

16:50 Has there been a breakthrough for a feminist foreign policy in practice?

21:10 How does feminist foreign policy approach conflict?

24:55 Is there implementation today of feminist foreign policy through activist groups or national governments?

27:08 Has the Coronavirus pandemic opened up spaces for us to reconsider what a feminist foreign policy means?