Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris campaigns in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 2, 2020

A series of Election Day interviews on the voting, the issues, and the future of America….

The Damage of the Vote Fraud Myth

Liam Kennedy chats with the Irish Times about Donald Trump’s lies over “voter fraud” eroding American democracy.

The actual rate of voter fraud comes out at 0.0004% of voting in the United States. It’s irrelevant — except Trump has made it relevant.

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How Many Are Dug In With Trump?

On Monocle 24, former George W. Bush staffer Pippa Malmgren and Scott Lucas joined Emma Nelson to discuss the state of the race and an America where states, cities, and communities are stepping up to take responsibility amid the chaos of the Trump Administration and the Coronavirus pandemic.

People who are dug in with Trump — those may buy his messages denying the threat of Coronavirus. You even had a crowd chanting, “Fire Fauci”.

But those who are undecided or worried, beyond Democratic and Republican, are going to ask, “Can you put the man who was in charge for the past four years back for a second term?”

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Reality v. Myth on Trump, Biden, and Coronavirus

In an interview with Turkey’s ANews, Scott Lucas deals with the issues of Coronavirus, the economy, and social justice around the US election — and with the disinformation of Michael Johns, the co-founder of the National Tea Party Movement.

To say that mail-in ballots, which were first used in the American Civil War, are fraudulent is untrue. But this sets up the case of Donald Trump that this is rigged so he may not recognize the result.

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