Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden adjusts his mask as he campaigns, October 2, 2020 (Mark Makela/The New York Times)

I joined Monocle 24’s Georgina Godwin on Saturday to review a tumultuous week in US politics.

We move all the way in seven days from the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the revelations of Donald Trump’s tax avoidance to Trump’s support of white supremacy in the first Presidential debate to his hospitalization with Coronavirus.

The White House, trying to get political gain by pushing Coronavirus off the front page with the Supreme Court, may have created a “super-spreader event” that now has well and truly Coronavirus back at the top of the headlines.

TrumpWatch, Day 1,353: Coronavirus — Confusion Over Trump’s Condition; Another Case from White House “Super-Spreader” Event
EA on Times Radio and Monocle 24: How Will Trump’s Coronavirus Affect Election?

Listen from 2:16: