Donald Trump tosses hats into a crowd, Duluth, Minnesota, September 30, 2020


I joined Times Radio’s Alexis Conran for a 55-minute special on how Donald Trump’s illness with Coronavirus will affect the US elections.

The other guests are Greg Swenson of Republicans Overseas; Niall Stanage of The Hill; British MP Kevin Hollinrake; and Tolu Olorunnipa of the Washington Post.

I hope Donald Trump changes after this not as a matter of politics, but as a matter of responsibility and trying to do something constructive.

He is one of 7.5 million cases. There are up to 210,000 Americans dead. Up to now, he has been irresponsible — not only in not wearing a mask but in telling others that they don’t need to; not social distancing; undermining medical experts; promoting fake cures; suggesting quack remedies such as ingesting disinfectant.

So I hope he changes.

Listen from 6:35

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Amid a series of radio and TV interviews on Friday, I joined Monocle 24’s Andrew Mueller to discuss the political significance — including the effect on the US elections — of Donald Trump contracting Coronavirus.

The other guest is Monocle’s medical correspondent Dr. Chris Smith.

Listen from 1:27:

Trump no longer has his main outlet of campaign rallies, those large gatherings without masks and without social distancing where he could ramble for 60 or 90 minutes and try to grab the headlines.

Second, Coronavirus is now the #1 issue and the Trump campaign had been hoping to bury it — let’s talk about the Supreme Court, let’s talk about culture wars.

Third, this undermines the disinformation the Trump campaign is putting out about Joe Biden being physically and mentally unfit.

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