For months, EA has assessed that Donald Trump will seek to delay November’s US elections as he lags behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden in polling.

Trump delivered for us on Thursday with his Twitter threat of postponement — if only in an attempt to cover up the devastating news, for tens of millions of Americans as well as Trump’s political future, of a 9.5% contraction in US GDP from April to June.

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Speaking with BBC WM and BBC Coventry, I explain Trump’s diversionary, desperate Twitter tactic, his inability to postpone the election, and the real threat — that he might refuse to accept November’s outcome if he loses.

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Trump is setting up the pretext not to delay the election, but to say, “It’s Rigged Against Me” and take us into uncharted territory by refusing to leave the White House.

Listen to BBC Coventry from 1:21.59

As aggressive as Trump is, he wants to be loved. But he’s down to about 40% approval, and Joe Biden has a lead of about 9% in the polls for November. That strikes at the heart of Trump’s narcissism.

But my priority is not Trump’s ego. It’s whether my relatives are safe from Coronavirus.